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 40 U.S. Missionaries Leave Venezuela


CARACAS, Venezuela - As their plane engine started, two American missionaries looked back at the Joti Indians watching from the grassy airstrip — an abrupt and bitter goodbye after nearly three decades in Venezuela's Amazon rain forest.
Susan and Dave Rodman were among some 40 missionaries who pulled out of their remote outposts ahead of a Sunday deadline from President Hugo Chavez, who has accused the U.S.-based New Tribes Mission of spying for the CIA and exploiting indigenous communities.

Denying any wrongdoing, the missionaries have gathered in an eastern city and are wondering what comes next — for themselves and the tribes.

"My heart is torn," Susan Rodman said Friday from Puerto Ordaz, where the missionaries have moved into a guesthouse and acquaintances' homes. "We knew one day we'd have to leave, but we didn't want it to be so abrupt."

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 Re: 40 U.S. Missionaries Leave Venezuela

How much of this is a result of Pat Robertson's comments of a couple months ago?



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I hope none of this stops my pastor's work down in Venezula and the ~20 churches that he helped start.

At least it's only U.S. Missionaries and not Candanian, Mexican, Chinesse, African..etc

 2006/2/16 12:41

 Re: 40 U.S. Missionaries Leave Venezuela

How much of this is a result of Pat Robertson's comments of a couple months ago?

Pat Robertson has big mouth, his heart has spewed racism, hatred, murder and violence. If any one man has brought reproach unto the name of Jesus in the last few months, it's him. He needs to get off the air and let his son run things.

 2006/2/16 12:59

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