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thank you for posting this, it's such a comfort. when battling flesh, pride, spirit, etc. it can become so confusing? do i have anti-people spray on me? is this from God, setting us apart? am i being prideful, that i'm too good for a building of fellowship? etc. these are the battles going on in my mind, but hearing this does bring comfort. bless you all.

 2011/12/5 19:03

 Re: The Saint Must Walk Alone

When I read Pilgrim's Progress I was struck by the fact that Christian had very little fellowship. If we believe Pilgrim's Progress is Bunyon's own spiritual autibiography. Then we can believe Bunyon walked alone. I believe he spent over 18 years in prison. One can say he truly did walk alone. But he probably did know God in intimate ways that none us can imagine.

The same was said of Richard Wormbrandt. He spent several years in solitary confinement. Yet God met him in marvelous ways in that jail cell.

The experience of the persecuted is they must walk alone. Yet God ministers to them in remarkable ways. Such is their testimony.

I believe the saint walking alone will become more of a common experience. For the saint who truly does desire an intimate relationship with Christ the cost will be solitude. But the blessing will be Jesus himself.

Blaine Scogin

 2011/12/5 20:34

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