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 Pope John Paul....Christian?

Hi Guys
As many of you may know, I was born and raised a Catholic. I was baptized on the seventh day, I received the sacrament of confession, communion, and confirmation. I was then married by the Catholic church, and my first son was buried by the Catholic church. My whole education was a Catholic one, and I was raised in a Catholic community. After coming to Jesus at the age of 26, I studied Catholicism for two years and debated with Catholic theologians (Catholics who actually know what they believe, the minority) for two years.

The Pope presided over the most destructive period of Catholicism in modern history. The pedophile scandal was on a world scale and tens of thousands of children, all over the world, were victimized and raped by the "priests." When discovered, these men were simply moved on to the next parish, to victimize more children. God exposed this horror and exposed the men who covered it up. Cardinal Law was shuttled out of this country and hid in the Vatican, by the Pope himself, in order to avoid the biggest scandal of all, that a Cardinal would go to jail for aiding and abetting the destruction of children.

The so called Evangelical leaders in this country have exposed themselves as men lacking in discernment and knowledge of the scriptures and the doctrines held holy by the true priesthood all over the world. Pat Robertson, DR Dobson, Chuck Colson amongst others, have given false hope and false comfort to just over a billion Catholics worldwide by proclaiming John Paul to have had a wonderful relationship with Jesus. Yet, this most conservative of Popes, dogmatically stuck to every tenant of the Catholic faith, changing nothing. Every one who reads this piece, and has assurance of salvation, has an anathema pronounced upon their heads by the very Pope who is being venerated. This word means to be accursed. This is a fundamental tenant of the Catholic faith, along with the fact that one is saved, not by faith alone, but by faith and works, a heresy of the highest order and another Gospel. I find myself astonished that the very basics of our faith, fought so hard for by the saints down through the ages including the reformers, is being given up and disregarded by so called leaders. The word says that Gods people "will perish through lack of knowledge." It is no accident that the gross errors that are being embraced as "Godly," are happening in a generation that is said to be the most biblically illiterate generation in over 300 years.

Pictures of men praying publicly are nothing new, and it certainly does not denote a relationship with God because you stand firm on a set of principles. No group of people stood on firmer principled ground that that of the Pharisees. They spent their time in constant prayer and reading and studying the Word. Yet, Jesus comes along and says that unless your righteousness exceeds that of these very men, you will never see the kingdom of God. One has to understand the culture of the day to realize the impact of what Jesus was saying. The Pharisee, in the eyes of the people, was the epitome of what a pious man was, he was at the very top of the religious ladder, yet Jesus says that the Pharisee was not even on the first rung. Just as this was astonishing back then, it is equally so now. I would say to all Catholics and men everywhere, unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the Pope, you will never see God. This statement will fill men's hearts, all over the world, with despair, not realizing that God is no respecter of persons and that all men who are saved by faith alone, a doctrine denied by the Pope and the Catholic church, will be saved, and not by works lest any man should boast.
In the beauty of Holiness

 2006/2/14 0:26

 Re: Pope John Paul....Christian?

Amen... Thank you for posting this, Frank. I said exactly these things when he died, and there were some here who took offense and got quite upset with me.

Coming from someone with a Catholic background, perhaps your words will carry a little more weight. Thank you for speaking the TRUTH.

The ecumenical movement and the "judge not" mentality in the church today is a cancer. It's a scourge. It shows a tremendous lack of discernment and knowledge of the Word.

TRUTH is what matters.

The Bible is the most loved, and least read book in the world. Even among Christians.


 2006/2/14 8:46


Hi Krispy
Its all about the Truth. I have found that many Christians have Catholic friends and they are simply not willing to pay the price to share the truth. One of the great sins of the "Evangelical leaders," was to sign an evagelical alliance that agreed not prozyletize Catholcs. My friends father, a former Catholic and a born-again Christian of over 20 years, was asked to leave Chuck Colsens prison ministry. What was his crime? Answering a question on purgatory. He explained how it would not be found in scriptures and was an offense to the price paid at Calvary. He was asked not to comment on purgatory because they did not want to offend the Catholics in prison. He said he could not do that and would always answer any questions from the men truthfully, he was then asked to leave. Now, to many, that might not be troubling, it is very troubling to me. If you truly love Catholics, share the gospel with them. Tell them about life in Jesus and being born-again. Explain to them that this does not mean to be baptized as a baby or to make your first holy communion. Tell them its a spiritual re-birth and that only through this re-birth can they enter heaven. If you will do this, then you will honor God as opposed to fearing man..................Frank

 2006/2/15 0:17


One of the great sins of the "Evangelical leaders," was to sign an evagelical alliance that agreed not prozyletize Catholcs.

It was akin to signing a pact with the Devil. Can you imagine Paul or Peter signing something like that? Everyone loves Colson, but I find him to be a traitor to the cause of Christ. Strong words, I know... but it's the nicest way I can put it.


 2006/2/15 9:38


Hi Krispy
Well, maybe traitor is too strong a word. That word implies that you deliberately sell out, I believe these men to be genuinly lacking in discernment. I believe that there are a lot of Christians who know better, but because of a lack of courage, remain quiet........In the beauty of Holiness........Frank

 2006/2/15 16:44

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