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Dom, you need to except the fact that you may just be a human being like the rest of us and can't quite walk on water yet ... 8-) .

You're the type, that hurts themselves instead of doing what "some" of us do ....

Like yell at our husband or wife !!!!

Are there any PERFECT husbands or wives here ?

You've made a mistake, but you basically only hurt yourself.
Some of us here, have said things to others with our mouths, that have hurt them for longer than your ankle will hurt ... if we want to be upfront and honest here.

You need to forgive yourself as you have 'been' forgiven.

I take a long time forgiving myself too when I say something to hurt someone else, but, I think my saying something that hurts someone else is a worse sin than if I hurt myself in a way that you did.

I don't recommend you make a habit of it ;-) , but please give yourself a break here.

What if I jumped like that ... would you still condemn me today ?

Knowing you .... NO WAY !!! So if you wouldn't condemn any of us ... why do you get the worst of the beatings ?

Put it behind you and just thank God you didn't land on someone else and break their ankle with yours. :-D

I still say that some of the things I've said to my husband is a 100 times worse than what you did.

Let someone pick up the first stone ... and see what HE drops on them .... :roll:

Just forget it bro and keep your eyes off of yourself. That's like trying to watch your feet as your walking down a highway.
Keep your eyes on the author and Finisher of your Faith.
Only HE is Faithful.

God Bless you forever brother Dom.
Don't ever give up.

 2006/2/27 21:48

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Hi Dom...

The issue that I am dealing with at the moment is my future I need guidance and how to accept jumping out a window of 18ft this is what I am struggling with.

Just in case you're [i]literally[/i] talking about jumping out of an 18ft window -- don't! That is not a "leap of faith" -- it is a "leap of FATE." And it might not end up the way that you would like.

If you were speaking [i]metaphorically[/i], just remember that there are things that we are supposed to do that we [u]cannot[/u] accomplish in our own strength. Never neglect the lesson about carrying your cross. Even Jesus could not carry the cross to Calvary. He physically stumbled. Simon of Cyrene was prompted to carry the cross for Jesus. In the same way, we are only commanded to carry the cross. At times, we will stumble, fall, and ultimately fail. At that time, someone (the Helper) will help us to carry our cross the rest of the way.

Brother, you are a blessing to alot of people -- even though many of us live thousands of miles (or kilometers) from you. We all get caught up in our failures and mistakes. It is at those times that we need to remember the Lord's heart towards us. The Lord is always longing -- always waiting -- to hold us close to himself. And never forget his great and patient love. He loves us regardless of our failures or sucesses.

How great is the Love of God? It is strong enough to completely love some of the most despicable men ever -- like Hitler, Judas, the Ayatollah, Stalin and Osama bin Laden! Jesus loves all of these people -- even though these were some of the most terrible men in history. At any moment, these men could have (or in the case of Osama bin Laden -- could STILL) cried out to the Lord, and He would hear them.

Now imagine yourself. You are desiring to know Christ -- even if you are still prone to sin and failure. Brother, God loves that heart.

Brother, we are still praying for you. Just take some time to sit back and allow God to place his arms around you. I love to find a place where no one else will be around me (or can hear me). Then I just pour out my heart to God, and I allow Him to pour out his love to me. It is very refreshing to "be still and know" that he is God.



 2006/2/27 22:23Profile

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