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 Givin in marriage

Would anyone be able to give me scripture of the marriage vows is it a compulation of verses in different spots or not scriptural would there be a book where this can be found.What is your opion of two people writing there own vows if Jesus is the center of the vows I would very much like to know what is correct.

Kat Feather

 2006/2/11 0:02Profile

 Re: Givin in marriage

Basically, "to love and obey, till death do us part, etc." is Scriptural alright, but I love it when couples actually write their own heart felt pledges to their beloved.

I think so much more can be said, and those self-written vows, are more easily remembered by the one saying them, in a way that "repeat after me" is not, as much.

We've heard that same Ceremonial verbage so many times over the last hundreds of years, it seems to lose something.

But to you and your husband to be, when you speak the words that you wrote from your heart and His Spirit to each other, I think the Holy Spirit can move in that wedding service and touch the hearts of many that are listening from their pews.

It's amazing what Holy Spirit inspired words can accomplish, both for you and him and for you both and Him and for all there.

Nice question.

Obvious you don't take any of this lightly.

It's beautiful.

 2006/2/11 3:45

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 Re: Givin in marriage

In the UK there are statutory legal clauses which must be used. Just a couple of sentences each but technically the marriage would not be 'legal' if they were not used. There are other legal restrictions which would not apply in the USA but if you are doing your 'own vows' you need not worry about the right 'ceremonial language' but do be sure that you use the right 'legal' language'

This [url=]wedding vow site[/url] will give you something to think about. :-D

Ron Bailey

 2006/2/11 17:45Profile

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