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 [GFA Urgent Update] Film Missionaries Attacked

[GFA Urgent Update] Film Missionaries Attacked
February 10, 2006

Dear Reader,

In the past few weeks, we have received a growing number of reports
from India about increased persecution of believers. It seems as if the
radical Hindus have all but declared war on Christians.

In the latest incident, two of our missionaries in Haryana were
attacked as they were showing the Man of Mercy film about Jesus. More than
200 villagers had gathered to watch the film in the courtyard of a
believer's home when a group of young Hindu militants attacked and started
beating the missionaries.

One, named William, is the pastor of a Believers Church, and the other,
Eno, works in the Gospel for Asia film ministry.

Some of those watching the film tried to rescue the believers, but
they, too, were cruelly beaten. The police came and took control of the
situation, but as soon as they left, about 1,000 radicals surrounded the
house, shouting anti-Christian slogans and threatening the believers.
Miraculously, God intervened and the owner prevented them from entering
his property.

My friend, if this were an isolated incident, it would still be
extremely serious. But it is worse. All across India, Hindu radicals are
openly attacking Christians, and the situation is getting more and more
difficult for the believers.

Please let us pray for this particular situation and plead for God's
divine intervention. Pray for William and Eno, that they will not be
discouraged and may be strengthened to carry forward His ministry.

And please pray that all across India, God's love will touch and
transform those who would spread the darkness of hate over the nation.

Yours for the lost of Asia,

K.P. Yohannan
Founder & President
Gospel for Asia

P.S. Even in the midst of these problems, God is working His miracles.
Click this link to read about the miraculous release of the native
missionary who was kidnapped in late January.

 2006/2/10 23:21

 Re: [GFA Urgent Update] Film Missionaries Attacked

Joshua, thank you for posting newsletters like these.

Just like the other we read about Nigeria,

Where are our heads at, when we blow our trumpets about the little works we do here in free nations and encounter some few hecklers ?

These people barely have "cloths" to wear, nonetheless, be able to open their closet to decide what looks best for "the job".

My God, what is wrong with us in the Free World ?

Lord, we should have one day a week, that we come together as a Body and pray for the Persecuted Church.
Those of GFA, The Voice of the Martyrs, Compass, all combined, we could pray collectively on here, just one day a week.

Maybe 'then' we'd see Revival, when our eyes are healed with that salve and we see what true "counting the cost" means.

Could we not do something like that on here ?

 2006/2/13 1:36

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