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 Highly Recommend!

I have recently recieved some materials, a few of which I must recommend to my brothers and sisters in Christ.


Christian in Complete Armour by William Gurnall - This book is seriously power packed. Every page (so far) is something that you could used in a sermon or study group. I have only started it, but it is not at all disappointing. Every page so far has highlighted portions. Spurgeon and Ravenhill were right about it.

World's Greatest Preachers by Ray Comfort - Very geared toward open air preaching, there are some quotes from some of the greats that really show the Biblical genuiness of street preaching.


Heal Our Land by Ken Connolly - Very accurate definitions and descriptions of historical revival. Lots of information that shows that the modern person really doesn't have a grasp on what happened in these past revivals, and really doesn't care. Also shows the sudden, supernatural, and geographical nature when God moves in revival power.

Open Air Preaching A to Z by Ray Comfort - Out of all the videos I have seen from Living Waters on open air preaching, this is probably the most well done. Shows some open air meetings at universities in a way that will equip someone with all the "how to's" of going about it. Surprising was all the positive feedback from Christians and non-Christians after the meeting. It seems that even Ray's preaching is more streamlined in this video than others.

Keith Green Bio / Your Love Broke Through by Sparrow Records - This is my first exposure to Keith Green outside of what Ravenhill said about him, and his sermon, 'Devotion or Devotions.' What can I say, if you want to question your state in service to God, watch it. Very moving.

Please comment on these or add some books or videos, etc that have stood out to you lately.

Hal Bachman

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 Re: Highly Recommend!

I've been reading T Austin Sparks book, The School of Christ. I've been reading it for.. oh I don't know maybe a year now!! There is so much truth & revelation in every chapter. It's definitely one of those that you have to read more than once. It's very deep.

I also like Ray Comfort's book, Hells best kept secret.


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