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 "Iron Chariots" Wilkerson

What a powerful message by Wilkerson on the new download bottom right of home page. This is the message we need for our day.
Preaching against hollywood preachers..
Preaching what it takes for revival. O how we need revival today.

I had some christians tell me Ray Comfort web site is full of anger, being mean... they said its all about love, the love of Jesus... not law then grace....they said grace all the way no law.
This is our generation of christians...they dont want truth, they reject it. Its all milk, milk, milk.... I thank God for men like Comfort going back to the old paths....I thank God for this Godly website.


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 Re: "Iron Chariots" Wilkerson

In the book of Acts, it tells us that those who listened to Peter's sermon on the day of Pentecost were "pricked in their heart."

If Peter was preaching with the full annointing of the Spirit, then we must do also.

You can't prick people's hearts with grace.

Nothing destroys self-righteousness like the Law - read Romans 7 to see what I mean.

Of course, the Law remains as lifeless as the stone tablets it was written on unless the Spirit of God is active in our evangelism.

Jesus instructs us that no one comes to the Father unless the Spirit draws him.

While there are those who use the Law unrighteously, there are many more who use the message of grace unrighteously.


Christopher Wright

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You are so right...reminds me of a story...not a long one....

When I was a young woman, 30+ years ago, a book came out that talked a lot about how we need to be so much more loving because God was. It was love, love, and the concept that God could ever carry a stick was relegated to the old-fashioned folks....I bought into that and it made me feel so very good! Fortunately, the LORD also saw it and this doctrine experienced a death blow when I learned the writer was a lesbian!!! Yeah, you need to teach that philosophy to intimidate any confronters that are sure to come your way!


Sandra Miller

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