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 British taxes to go to Hamas

"Britain will not withdraw aid from the Palestinian people because they voted for the militant group Hamas in elections last month -but funding will be cut if it is used for terror activities, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Tuesday".

Hamas is officially classified by Britain as a terrorist organisation. Its avowed goal is the destruction of Israel. Its charter is built upon the foundation of Israel's destruction. It is quite open about it.. all of Israel not just the west bank! Its methodology is violence!
(note: in Hebrew Hamas means violence).

But while the Church of England financially boycotts Israel, our government will be giving funds, your taxes, my taxes to Hamas in the hope that those 'nice people' will not divert these funds to kill more Israelis. You might as well give a mouse to a snake and tell it not to eat it!

full article here : [url=]Britain will not withdraw Palestinian aid[/url]


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