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 Re: I am not a chili pepper neither

My reply above here was to your first reply.

I see you're posting that verse again in a reply I hadn't seen while typing my reply.

Never mind ... I'm going to eat in peace.

 2006/2/8 18:26


Thanks Annie, and I do understand where you are coming from as well as where Neil is as well, and believe me I am not judging neither of your intentions or desires, I was only offering my opinion. Besides we recycle everything, we don't do it to save the Earth, rather we do it to save on less garbage going to the dump. It's more of conscience thing than anything.

I hope that helps in understanding where I am coming from.

 2006/2/8 18:31


Yes, same thanks back at ya for clarifying for us.

I did have that "peace" mentioned above.

We can agree to disagree and still have that peace.

Appreciate that. And by the looks of your cowboy, are you "coming from" Texas ?

Yeeeeeeeee- haaaaaaaaaaa, been there.

Peace again to all of us.
me again

 2006/2/8 18:52


In between cooking, I'm thinking, I need to clarify more too.

I think it may have something to do with where we see ourselves on God's timeline.

I'm a tree hugger, of sorts, and take care of all the wild animals that come out of our woods, etc.

But by the same token, I had to have quite an arm wrestle with the Lord, about what is going to happen to the earth and all of my animals in the days ahead.

He has been preparing my extra-over-sensitive heart. But it's still going to be hard, cuz as it stands, I'd give my life for these silly stray boogers and my wild life friends.

Oh hum ... this is getting too sad now.

Be back after the Lord strengthens me some more.
TTYL Neil.

Love you brother.

 2006/2/8 19:04

Joined: 2005/9/25
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Did you know God will destroy those who destroy the earth? Really, check out Rev.11:18.

I don't fear global warming, and I heard someone on a radio talk show that made a good argument that we could be headed for an ice age, but we are stewards of Gods earth, so that alone should dictate our actions regarding our waste.

My two cents, keep the change...

 2006/2/8 23:10Profile


Amen jimbob, that is exactly the verse that the Lord used to show me, the "who's doing what" part that I mentioned here on page one.

Great two cents worth... plus some.

Thanks !

 2006/2/8 23:36

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 Re: Where do we invest our energy?

Did you know God will destroy those who destroy the earth? Really, check out Rev.11:18.

“The time has come for judging the dead….. for destroying those who destroy the earth” Rev. 11:18

Yes, we are held responsible for the way we care for this earth that God gave us. I recycle diligently. Just recently I heard that all the recycled materials in my county has been going to the dump because of some political mess-up. So much for my conscientious attempt!

I drive a car, and so I contribute to the pollution. Mind you, I drive a small car, and walk when I can. Yet I am somewhat a slave to existing technology and greedy people – I don’t have a choice – oh, yes, I could join the Amish and ride horse and buggy. Or I could stay home. But God seems to overrule and prods me to drive around and get involved in the lives of people – pollution notwithstanding.

I always get nervous when I see the “save the earth” campaigns, I guess because too many times they have degenerated into big disputes and power struggles. Or they do little more than relieve the guilt of those involved. It is hard to stand against those who rule the earth – economically.

Yet, I think it’s great that several Christian leaders are signing this and saying, “We’re not blind to this, and we speak against it.” But then, if at the same time these Christians are big consumers, aren’t they being hypocritical? . If they consume the market products, then they aren’t they enabling the greedy industrialists? Or, am I wrong. Do these Christians consume less than the average non-Christian citizen? It seems like they like their worldly commodities – their big buildings, cars, furniture, holidays, mobile homes, etc

I can see the reasons behind those who refuse to sign: we are called to save souls first and foremost. The best way to save the earth is by saving souls. After all a saved soul is not greedy, will not exploit the poor, and will not abuse the earth.

I can’t help but wonder. So many Christians are trying to change the world by exerting EXTERNAL pressure on the sinners, but I believe that we are to influence INTERNAL change in the hearts of people.

“Heaven and earth will pass away……….”

Really, I see both sides. I’m so thankful that God can guide me as to where and how I am to be involved in my little circle of influence.


 2006/2/9 10:37Profile

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...politically powerful evangelicals, including Charles W. Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries; James C. Dobson, chairman of Focus on the Family; the Rev. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries; the Rev. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention; Richard Roberts, president of Oral Roberts University; Donald E. Wildmon, chairman of the American Family Association; and the Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition....

What a mean bunch.
Watergate, end times forcasters, etc, etc...
Politically powerful: Kyoto would hurt their cronies' interests. They, and many of us, have co-opted into the GOPs misinformation and promises (I am no DEM, BTW).
They would kill true Christian worship in the USA to make it a 'Christian nation'.
As for jobs; will our children have any?

 2006/2/9 11:26Profile

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Santa Clara, CA


I can’t help but wonder. So many Christians are trying to change the world by exerting EXTERNAL pressure on the sinners, but I believe that we are to influence INTERNAL change in the hearts of people.

Which then would rightly interpt the external

Mike Balog

 2006/2/9 11:46Profile

Joined: 2005/5/2
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Which then would rightly interpt the external

I'm not sure I understand the question, but will share a few thoughts, though it might not make any sense:

Hopefully lobbying the government pricks the consciences of the polititions - ie those who blindly run ahead in their own ambition and ignore those whom they are responsible to protect.
But I'm not convinced. I fear that it just makes them more clever in their methods of pleasing the public.

I fear that putting pressure on the political leaders in the long run only erodes our freedoms but doesn't cure the problems. They want our votes, because their existance depends on it. So they make laws to appease those who put pressure on them. And we gradually have more and more laws that restrict us.

Yet no one changes. Their hearts haven't changed on the inside. Neither has their compassion for the poor, the oppressed, or the earth. So, as has been said, the poor have to pay the price - only bigger now.

I do believe this, that God has called us to influence our society through loving others - one at at time, from the heart. We do not need to wait for love to be legislated. And we don't need to wait for laws to allow us religious freedom. We are always FREE TO LOVE, to be living letters, to be ministers of reconciliation. No one can stop us of that, because no one can control what's inside us.

The more rules we have, the more we depend on them to make us feel righteous and secure. It is a false sense of security. Also, it is Old Covenant thinking - reliance on law to subdue sinners - not Christ's way.

Yet, I'm not against this signing aggreement among evangelical leaders. After all, that's how slavery was abolished. (mind you it didn't solve the racial problem)

Do I make any sense at all? I still have to think about these things.

Just what if some of the claims about polution and the effect on global warming, etc prove to be wrong. Think how many scientific discoveries of the past have been proven wrong. (ex eating butter, red meat, used to be bad for you, now it's good)

There can be another cause of global distress: Romans speaks of the earth growning because of the curse of sin - not just a natural cause-and-effect.



 2006/2/9 12:16Profile

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