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 How is Genesis 9:5 supposed to be interpreted?

If an animal takes the life of a human being, what happens to the animal?

Is God saying that the animal will absolutely give an account to Him personnaly for what it did? How does God do that? How does an animal give an account to God for it's actions?

Does God settle this issue between Him and the animal here on earth now, or does God deal with the animal after it dies?

The various translations use expressions like..."I will require a reckoning"...I will demand an accounting...."I will avenge"

Does this verse mean "literally" what it says or is the verse supposed to be interpreted some other way?

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 Re: How is Genesis 9:5 supposed to be interpreted?

Good question, I am by no means a theologian, but this scripture cross references Exodus 21:28. "If an ox gores a man or a woman to death, then the ox shall surely be stoned; and its flesh shall not be eaten..." I don't think this scripture is literally meaning that the animal will give an account of his transgressions. Only, that it should be punished for what it did to man. The Lord put every animal under man's feet and for man's purpose. The Lord will not judge animals and man on the day of Judgement. Those are just my two cents.


Joel Shackelford

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