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Joined: 2005/11/29
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 new member

Brothers and Sisters,

I've been registered with SI for about a month and this is my first post. This site has been such a tremendous blessing to me. I too stumbled upon this site and first downloaded the revival hymn. I cried the first few times I listened to it. Since arriving at this website, I've felt a calling to the ministry (still praying and discerning my call). My walk with the Lord has never been closer. If any of you pastors, preachers, or other ministers could provide some feedback on your call to ministry, I'd much appreciate it. I am a member of the SBC and have a passion for evangelism. God bless!


Joel Shackelford

 2006/2/1 22:43Profile

Joined: 2006/1/10
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Central Ohio

 Re: new member

It's refreshing to hear your...hearing of God's call on your life. I to have been hearing the call of God. I know for sure that he is calling me to a deeper walk, and calling me to service.
Which I believe (of service) that it is a natural responce to a deeper walk with the Lord.
To what capacity, locality, he is calling me to, I really don't know. My impression is that He is kind of waiting to see what I'll do, and how I'll respond to oppertunities that he sends me for service. I know I've failed on countless occcasions. After they've presented themselves, and then there are gone. I realize (or maybe I don't really realize) what I've missed.
I've thought about becoming an actual (official) minister, but my thoughts are mixed.
I know that the Word of God says that I am already a minister of the Gospel. I need help to.
maybe we can help eachother. "..come let us reason together."

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Hemel Hempstead

 Re: One download leads to filling up your hard drive

There is a fountain of resources on here and people!! It took me along time to talk on here!!
sO God bless you and may you post alot more!!


Dominic Shiells

 2006/2/4 19:18Profile

Joined: 2003/6/11
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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: new member

Welcome Joel,

So glad you are here! Let us know if we can be of any help navigating the site.

Mike Balog

 2006/2/4 22:46Profile

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