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Joined: 2005/10/8
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Roanoke Rapids, NC

 Prayer Journal?

Do any of you keep a prayer journal? I have been seriously thinking about it while reading a bio of George Mueller. He kept one b/c it helped him to keep prayer requests in remembrance as well as to look back and see how the Lord answered his prayers. I think I read that about 150,000 of them the Lord supplied the need.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


Christopher Wright

 2006/2/1 17:57Profile

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Kansas City, Missouri

 Re: Prayer Journal?


I believe a prayer journal, or whatever one calls it is a great idea. Beginning on Jan 1 of this year I have made the effort to not be so hit and miss with this, because most of the time sadly it is "miss". Maybe too much of our prayer closets are very one-sided. We do all the talking and God is left to just listen? But in contrast to this what an awesome thought indeed to enter those seasons of prayer with paper and pen in hand ready to actually hear from God!!

And furthermore, as the years pass and the memory is not what it used to be what a joy to have it all documented. Quite possibly to even pass on to grandkids and great-grandkids of what God did in and through us in our lifetime.


Tony Sexton

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Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Re: Prayer Journal?

Yes, I have been keeping a prayer journal since June 24th of last year. Each entry begins with the date and then either a specific prayer request or something that the Lord has shown me while in prayer and study, usually something that needs to change in my life.

I leave a space open opposite each entry so I can go back and enter the answer to a request or when victory comes in a certain area.

It is indeed encouraging to look back just over the past seven months and see how the Lord has been working. It is easy for me to get wrapped up in my current troubles and forget about how good the Lord has been, even in the recent past. He is always right there through everything. God is good!

I can highly recommend that you try it yourself.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2006/2/1 18:25Profile


I think a Journal is good, not just for prayers.

I started journaling years ago, because my best friend would always buy me these blank books... ha. I finally got the hint on what to do with them.

I write to The Lord from my heart and then when I'd go back months or even weeks later, I'd see what a chump I was/am.

It helps, because our memories are very self-serving sometimes. Conveniently forgetting the thoughts we had about so and so or this and that, just days or weeks ago.

I like journaling mainly as a mirror with a memory.

(I know ... it doesn't show ... yet) :-?

 2006/2/1 20:31

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 Re: Prayer Journal?

Hi tacklebox...

I have been keeping a journal since shortly after meeting the Lord. While it does not exclusively contain prayers -- it mostly contains private communication with God. Often, this comes in the form of letters to God -- or notes about things that the Lord has shown me. Sometimes, it is in the form of the innermost cries of my heart. And sometimes, this comes in the form of psalms, hymns or spiritual songs.

It is important for me to always keep the journals private -- exclusively for my eyes and the eyes of God. And I always try to keep them up-to-date with proper dates noted.

The most beneficial thing about these journals has been the fact that they are helpful when I am hurting or experiencing difficult circumstances. I pick up a particular journal, and I can almost remember the exact feelings that I had as I wrote those words. It reminds me of how the Lord has answered in the past -- and gives me hope about how he will answer me in the present and future.

It has been a wonderful help in my walk with the Lord. The Lord bless you in this endeavor!



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North Carolina, USA


I'm going to start one soon. I was going to buy notebooks for each of the membersof my youth group this week and teach them about journaling and just realized I would be suggesting they do something I am not yet doing... :oops:
I'm going to try a three subject notebook. One section for prayers, one for study notes, and one for daily walk stuff. Might work for you. Chris. :-)


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 Re: Prayer Journal?

Having a journal has been so wonderful for me! I highly recommend it! I love to write to Jesus and pour out my heart to Him. He is so beautiful and answers our prayers so faithfully.

I started a journal as soon as I started to walk with the Lord and I will never stop. I so look forward to my time writing love letters to the Lord. Everyone should keep one! You will be blessed by it!

Have a great day everyone! :-)

Mary Beth Ersig

 2006/2/3 19:40Profile

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