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 Praise GOD! - Pastors

Some of you know, I lead a 'new' para-ministry for the youth in my area. (Tampa Bay) And I've been seeking God for the pastors to hear from God and throw down their 'programs' and just seek Jesus and share them JESUS and not a 'fun time'. Also for them to help out with the schools (the para-ministry I do)

Well, Today. Early this morning I meet with 10-14 youth pastors. Across the denominations. It started out as a preaching 'we need to press on this work that we do.' Then it turned into a discussion where they mostly confessed 'I need to preach the gospel more, nothing short of that' another said 'I sometimes didn't think the gospel was enough, so I'd add other things and still doubt if God was going to show up'

These youth pastors from young to old. Confessed their sin of 'program-driven' and said 'we need a more gospel-driven youth ministry'.

This is a huge change. This is only God birthed!

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ask for your prayers. God is doing a work in my area. (FYI, all of the youth pastors there were FULL-time ministers. So God is changing the focus. this is amazing!)

I'm very excited!

 2006/2/1 13:18

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 Re: Praise GOD! - Pastors

Praise God, and Amen dear brother. May God continue to use you to his glory. May he order your steps allways.

Yours in Christ,


 2006/2/1 13:27Profile

 Re: Praise GOD! - Pastors

This is a huge change. This is only God birthed!

This is great to hear.... answers to your prayers for so long. Amen!

 2006/2/1 14:41

 Re: Praise GOD! - Pastors

Praise God is right J.

Hulsey would enjoy this post also.

Thanking God with ya brother.

 2006/2/2 13:59


I'm trying to start up a WEEKLY prayer meeting between them. Hmm, seems like everything comes against prayer. Flesh, Satan, and the brethren. Haha. (not really funny...but kinda?)

I ask for you continue prayers.

 2006/2/4 1:32


don't give up brother.

Things went so well at that meeting. Just be faithful and show up yourself and put the word out there.

One person praying has caused "things" to happen, that no one expected.

We're behind you and your Cause is Great.
Praise the Lord.
Youth Groups can tear up a whole Community for God :-D . They've got the youth and fire.

God Bless you.


 2006/2/4 1:38

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