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 Re: When in doubt, ask Oswald.

I'm not trying to deify the guy or anything, but you got to admit, the guy always seems to get it right:-). This is out of "Biblical Ethics" by Oswald Chambers.

In this, he deals with the other often cited event, when dealing with predestionation, the hardening of Pharoah's heart.


Oswald Chambers wrote:

God has ordained that man is to govern man, whether he wants to or not. This keeps socialism from being “it”; the socialistic scheme falls to pieces because it ignores the fact that human institutions are not utilitarian, that is, they do not spring from the ingenuity of man, but were deliberately ordained by God for the government of man by man. Peter brings this out when he says, “Be subject to every ordinance of man,” but he is careful to add “for the Lord’s sake” (1 Peter 2:13 rv).

Man is responsible to God for the government of the whole world, but if a man succumbs to the temptations of his official position, that very position will have the effect of hardening his heart away from God. We read in the Old Testament that Pharaoh hardened his heart (Exodus 7:14 et seq.); and we read also that God hardened his heart (Exodus 4:21 et seq.). The difficulty of this apparent contradiction is purely superficial. It must not be interpreted to mean that God hardened a man’s heart and then condemned him for being hardened. The hardening of Pharaoh’s heart by himself and by God is the expression of the working of one of God’s laws, and God’s laws do not alter. Any ruler or ordinary man who refuses to obey the right law will find himself distinctly hardened away from God. If a man is to govern rightly he must see that the institutions he builds up are based on the stabilities of human nature as God created it; otherwise havoc will be produced.

Aaron Ireland

 2006/2/2 17:45Profile


Jimbob said:

Your theology mirrors that of mormonism, not Christianity. God did not desire us to fall.

God Bless you. You know I have never received a Vision, or been in a Trance, I have never left my body and I have never read mystical books or even the Mormon so called bible to obtain what the Mormons or whatever sect believes.

I have though, sought the LORD Jesus and God the Father and I can't help it if He teaches me out of His word things that other people don't understand, or don't want to understand.

There is a greater plan then what we see on paper, remember the "letter killeth but it's the Spirit that giveth life". What you should be doing instead of being critical you should be seeking the scriptures and find out for yourself what the Spirit is saying. Jesus said, "Let my words sink down into your ears", your natural ears will reject everything that the holy Child Jesus says to you.

I have said it once and I will say it again, our heavenly Father is both Wonderful and Beautiful and He can be terrible and ugly. It was God who sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross, and it was also God who sent that Tsunami in Indonesia. I can't help it if you can't receive that or believe that, but God is God and there is nothing that you and I can say against Him. But we can interceed, had we've known Him or His will, perhaps He could have stayed His hand, but again we are faced with God saying to us, "I looked for a man who would stand in the gap and make up the hedge, and I found none".

We are all gone with the wind so to speak, we are caught up in our own little world and we don't care. And God does these things so that we will react, not in horror, but that we might cry unto Him to spare, to interceed for the people. That His mercy might be shown, you see my brother, God is Love. Lets get to know Him, really know Him and His will so we can step in the way of God as Moses did and cry out to God to have mercy. He is so worth it.

God Bless

 2006/2/2 21:00

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