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I understand that pharmaceutical antidepresants can have deleterious side effects and that people should avoid them. However, there are natural treatments that work on depression that don't have these bad effects.

I have suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder for years. In the wintertime, when light is low, I get depressed. My solution is to take St. Johns Wart. It is subtle, but it works and takes the edge off, making the days go easier.

I highly recommend that anyone suffering from depression first experiement with ST. Johns Wart before consulting a clinical therapist. There is no danger of side effects and you can purchase it at any store that sells vitamins.

Dr.s will tell you that it doesn't work, but then they don't get paid, and the pharmacies don't profit from an herb.

That's my 2 cents on this.


 2006/1/27 16:18


Bubbaguy, That's a Good 2 cents worth.
Many people are helped by St. John's Wart. (horrible name though :)

The link that I post again, gives many nutritional aids also.

I suggested Christian Counseling because when depression begins in childhood like mentioned by Joe, and continues to adulthood ... there's something there worth talking about with somebody, as long as they're a Christian.

I certainly made sure to state a Christian Counselor and I'd even pray on that, because I met one at a Support Group Meeting last year for CFIDS and they were already secularized.

I'll let the cat out of the bag and say, I studied Psych till I was 27 yr.s old. From age 12 I started and so for 15 yr.s my goal was to help people through that Field.
Then I switched to Christian Psychology, of course, because I had gotten saved.

Then because of a stack of books by other Christians who had been in both fields, I lean away even from Christian Psychology.
One couple's books are from this Website When I read their books, and ones like them, there wasn't an Internet. I'm thankful for the Web for so many Research capabilities now.

BUT, I still do believe that a child's life can leave some touchy areas in them or scars ... but with the right guidance (Not the Inner Healing Movement) but just a Biblically Based Counselor, those hurts can be brought out - examined - understood - then given to God.

That's why I'm not afraid to tell friends or even post here, "Hey guys, I need prayer" whenever I feel I do need help,,, because I know what prayer can do.
Or just deep talks with a very close friend and then talks alone with the Lord in our Quiet Place.

Each person's "depression" is different and may need to be helped differently, but as much as I love the alleviation of suffering and anguish, SSRIs are not the way to go long term.

I Thank God for empathetic people, who want to help others who are not feeling up to par.
To not judge them, but to stick our necks out to help, even if at first they reject that attempt.

Gal 6:10 As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

 2006/1/27 16:51

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 Re: if you don't need antidepressants, then don't take them...

Finally, ask yourself this question: "Am I more useful to God when I'm depressed, or when I'm not depressed? Am I more of a blessing to other people when I'm depressed, or when I'm not depressed?"

Nice takes, Curly!

Myself, I have discerned at times that one or the other has applied to me, usually depressed. But, I am an artist and musician... :-P

 2006/1/31 9:27Profile

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"When we become Born-Again, that "family history" with it's genes to depression or whatever is broken. Else wise, He couldn't say, Rejoice in the Lord Always, and again I say Rejoice."

Wow. Use caution, Sister.
As for doctors, most of the arm-twisting they get is from the Govt, and the insurance companies.

 2006/1/31 9:31Profile


Hia Mloaks,

This is one subject that I'd have to say, I've used a lot of "caution" with.

One subject that I really feel the "Church" needs to address in their Churches or Fellowships.

I know Scientists who will tell you, that we're being fed a lie about "inheriting" these "melancolias", etc..

I sympathise most with folks going through any type of mental anguish, but at the same time, have given most of my life to find the 'cure' ... in studying Psychiatry to Pharmacology, to what 'powers' those two and then back to Theology.

I would never say or take any of this lightly.

God Bless.

 2006/2/4 15:09

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Just wanted to point out, that there is a real big difference between oxycontin and anti-depressants.
Sorry that you were put on that stuff, and I thank God you had the anti-deps for getting off of it. But there is no proof that anti-depressants are addictive. If there was a way to get addicted to them, I know many ppl who would have.
God gave us Doctors, and allowed ppl to discover things around us that help us to live, better. Thank GOD.


I'm pretty sure that if I looked around on the web, I could find a LOT of evidence that would support ANY idea that I wanted to obsess about.
Not that there might not be truth to the charges of the after-effects. But ppl are not likely to heed warnings, simply b/c it's easier to do it the way they've always done it. I've seen evidence of this with my own eyes. I told a neighbor that she could get rid of her son's allergies, and a host of other ailments by doign a couple of simple things, like getting rid of some mold in teh ouse, andstopping the boys' sugar intake. It worke dlike a miracle! But she didn't want to change, so a few months later he was having some glands taken out b/c of the "allergies". Go figger.

 2006/2/8 1:32Profile

 Re: Antidepressants?


(Not the Inner Healing Movement)

Please could you explain what you mean by the Inner Healing Movement? That way, I can work out if what I call 'inner healing' is the same thing you call it.... Or, do you mean they use a 'system', and everyone is processed in the same way? Or, please just tell me what you think is [i]wrong[/i] with that 'movement'?

 2006/2/8 6:16


Gidday Linn,

This will do it better than me ...

I'm heading off for some outer healing movement ... toward my bed. :knockedout:

Have a super-duper day.

 2006/2/8 6:33

 Re: Antdepressants?


I'm glad that was a short page.

[b]What I'd like to know is, how the authors of the page KNOW God has nothing to do with the [i]healing[/i] which (at least some) people experience through that method of approaching the prayer?[/b]

I mean, do they just [u]object[/u] to the [i]logic[/i] of working out what the (origin of the) pain (or numbness) is, so it can be addressed in God's presence? (I'm not trying to hijack your discussion on antidepressants, btw.)

(Note, I don't say either 'reliving' or 'feeling' the pain, because that's not what God has done for me, and, I did no 'visualisation' of Him..... I mean, I've never needed to [i]visualise[/i] Jesus or the Father, to reach them through the Spirit, in prayer.)

All this is not to say I don't hear the warnings about inadvertently inviting other spirits 'in'. However, this is not my experience of being born again, either, as now, with Jesus in my temple, He is driving out everything which offends His presence. Of course, a person who is not already born again should be coming to Jesus for their healing, if not for their salvation....... The line between these two is probably indefinable, except to those involved in praying with and for the person in need - or, the person in need him or herself.

If you're still following what I'm saying here, that's great. I also notice the webpage does not suggest how old inner pain [i]should[/i] be addressed..... if not in God's presence....... :-(

 2006/2/8 7:26


Hi Linn, I'm still brain tired, so I'll just quote one paragraph from that page to maybe focus in better, and most especially by the first few sentences in this paragraph ....

[b]Jesus works miraculously in our innermost being through the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit and therefore brings about what some may call "inner healing." But that’s where the similarity ends regarding what Jesus does and what the inner healers do. The similarity is only in the use of the words "inner healing," but that’s why it is so deceptive. People assume that, because Jesus works on the inside, all inner healing must be from Him. Nevertheless, while the inner healing movement claims to be Christian and uses a great deal of Scripture and brings a visualized Jesus onto the scene, the inner healing movement comes from the world, the flesh, and the devil. It relies on psychological ideas and techniques gleaned or absorbed from the world. It appeals to the flesh because the flesh would rather be "healed" than reproved of sin. And, it often uses Satanic methods of suggestion and occult visualization.[/b]

Love ya,
Talk to you when my brain catches up with my spirit. Ha !

 2006/2/8 16:43

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