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 W.E. Thompson

I have been reading some of the old [i]A Witness and a Testimony[/i] magazines. I have found in some 1969 editions of this magazine that there were some transcripts of messages given by a gentleman named W.E. Thompson at a conference in Aeschi, Switzerland. These messages are quite good and I was wondering if anyone here has any further information on this man. Apparently he was a missionary in India but that is all I know about him. A search of this site came up empty.

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Ron Halverson

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 Re: W.E. Thompson

I searched the Internet for you a bit on this man. This is all I found:

Here is mention of the conference, with Thompson's name listed - [url=][/url]
Here is the transcript that you mentioned: [url=][/url]

That's all I could find. I tried!! Sorry! Anybody else?

Mary M.

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If you go to the Oscar51 Site mentioned by Mary and do a general search for Thompson it gives quite a harvest. Apparently he was better known as Bill Thompson.

He was clearly an associate of Austin Sparks and Harry Foster.
"Toward The Mark, a bi-monthly magazine edited and published by Harry Foster, was a continuation of the ministry begun by Mr. Austin-Sparks in A Witness and A Testimony. Mr. W. E. (Bill) Thompson, who has the responsibility and oversight of Mr. Foster's estate, has graciously given his permission to publish on the Internet the articles in Toward The Mark, of which he is the copyright owner, in the form they appear here."

I notice that the Switzerland Conference includes the name of Roger Forster who is the leader of the Icthus Group of churches in the UK and elsewhere. Forster's background seems to have had Brethren links but although a widely respected evangelical he has espoused some views which are not generally acceptable to all evangelicals.

Ron Bailey

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