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 Brokeback Mountain wins 4 awards...


I read the newspaper this morning, and I found it quite disturbing that the major winners of this year's "Golden Globe" drama awards all went to homosexual themed films.

Best Drama: [i]Brokeback Mountain[/i]
Best Director: Ang Lee ([i]Brokeback Mountain[/i])
Best Actor in Drama: J. Phillip Hoffman ([i]Capote[/i])
Best Actress in Drama: Felicity Huffman ([i]TransAmerica[/i])

While I do not condone Hollywood productions (TV or movies), I found this quite disturbing. Awards like the Golden Globes and Academy Awards are given by Hollywood -- and not voted upon by "normal" Americans. In my opinion, this push shows a continued blatant push for extremist liberal tendencies by Hollywood. In addition, all of last year's award shows (with the exception of the People's Choice Awards) snubbed [i]The Passion of the Christ[/i], with many in Hollywood going so far as to label it a "racist" film. Regardless of what you feel about [i]The Passion[/i], it's mockery by Hollywood seems to demonstrate an attempt to downplay the importance of Christianity or traditional Judeo-Christian moral values by Hollywood elites.

Many in Hollywood attempt to appear "moral" with their social values -- such as taking stands against the gun industry, "protecting children" from pornography or labeling anyone that doesn't agree that "homosexuality is normal" as a "bigot" or "religious zealot." Yet Hollywood produces the most violent films imaginable! They promote sex, violence and extremist ideals in movies, TV shows and even in video games -- seemingly for the sake of money!

I know that this is not new, and of course, it is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. But at the same time, I feel very inclined to do something about it. I may write letters of protest to the major studios and parent studios that seem to condone these works. My girlfriend, Mireya, has written several "letters to the editor" to newspapers across the country in order to make a statement that, as Christians, we recognize the hypocrisy that is being presented by Hollywood. At the same time, we desire to be careful not to appear to condone much of the seemingly benign (and perhaps, more dangerous) material coming out of the industry.

I am interested in learning the feelings of others on this subject. In particular, I would like to learn if others feel inclined to take any sort of public stand against this. Thanks!



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