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 Fla. Teens Surrender in Homeless Beatings

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Two South Florida teens suspected in the beatings of three homeless men turned themselves in to police Sunday, authorities said. Family attorneys negotiated the surrender of Brian Hooks, 18, and Thomas S. Daugherty, 17.

They will face murder charges in the death of Norris Gaynor and aggravated battery charges in the videotaped beating of Jacques Pierre, said Capt. Michael Gregory of the Fort Lauderdale police.

They also are suspects in the beating of a third man, Raymond Perez, 49, whose case remains under investigation, Gregory said.

The teens were in police custody pending official charges from a grand jury, Gregory said. Police also were investigating whether the two may have been involved in other beatings and if they had accomplices.

"We do know there have been other assaults of homeless in Fort Lauderdale," Gregory said.

Names of the teens' attorneys were not immediately available.

Pierre, 58, was beaten on the Fort Lauderdale campus of Florida Atlantic University. Gaynor, 45, was killed a few blocks away, and Perez, 49, was beaten in a Church-by-the-Sea garden.

It was not clear if Perez and Pierre remained hospitalized Sunday.


This was posted 13 mins ago. Oh God!! My heart breaks.

 2006/1/16 0:04

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 Re: Fla. Teens Surrender in Homeless Beatings

so our hearts break. what do we do? what are we doing to minister and raise children to have a heart for those less fortunate? how are we showing the love of Jesus for these people, both the killers and the killed being victims of him that has the power to destroy the flesh?
seriously, what should we do here in the u.s.? how can our church start walking with the kind of authority that allows us to tread on the head of the serpent beyond bringing blessings into our own homes and the homes of those we love?
do we need another social service program, or is it possible to have the sermon on the mound type of discipled authenticity found in casting out demons, curing illness, healing leprosy, raising the dead, being the peacemakers and loving your enemies (yes He said that!)
is anyone else tired of church on just sundays and meetings on wednesdays? why does the Body keep dying (or look lame at best) after every revival? is anyone ready to see the Body move as it did in the new testament? where is it happening and how do i get there without walking away from my own self preservation? are these trick questions?
peace out, jend
"he who speaks on his own does so to gain honor for himself, but he who works for the honor of The One who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him." john 7:18

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 Re: Fla. Teens Surrender in Homeless Beatings

It is amazing to me that as churches build giant edifices for "worship", there is still so much poverty, homlessness, and hopelessness on every city street. In fact, I was apalled that a family in a church in our city almost lost their house because their church was unwilling to help them in their crisis. This is an affluent "church". It makes me shake my head, and breaks my heart. The cold heartedness in our congregations is no less than that of these young men who took the life of this homeless man. I pray that they will find Jesus. I pray that the church in America will again find her way!


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