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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Womens role in the church

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Raytown, MO

 Womens role in the church

Please explain 1 Corinth. 14:34 & 1 Timothy 2:11 - 12
We had quite a discussion about this in Sunday School today.

Wayne Ferrel

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Houston, Tx

 Re: I hope this helps :]

Well I can't really explain those verses to you that well brother. But their is a sermon that I listend to about women in the church maybe you could listen to it and it would help you out a bid.

Their by Derek Prince
that is "Women in the church part 1"
that is "Women in the curch part 2"

Well brother I hope this helps.

Brother, Eloy

Eloy Lopez

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We have touched on this topic previously. Some of the comments may be of interest to you. Please try [url=]Can women preach/teach in church?[/url]

Ron Bailey

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 Re: A sermon

You may want to listen to this sermon by Bruxy Cavey from Toronto: The Meeting House
[url=]Can Women lead in Church? [/url]
He speaks about how secular culture has influenced church thought, what Jesus taught,egalitarian issues etc..... interesting thoughts...



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