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 Re: A reality check?

Just to kind of 'update' on my life. I've been challenged with #2 in a way.

I've saved enough money to buy some new software (really, not 'new' but new compared to 2000 software). And at 2 in the morning a guy is out of breathe and knocks on my door.

"I need money, my mom and wife got into a car accident in tampa and I have no gas money to get there...etc..etc" This man's heart was broken, he looked poor (wasn't, just hard working man in 'work' clothes). I inquired of the Lord 'Lord is he geniune?' The Lord lightly said 'yes'. So I let him in with my roomate and his friend stunned by what is happening.

I leave my house **i had to drive to draw cash, i don't carry cash on me...**

I end up coming back. Gave him 50$ *he only really needed 20 but hey, Jesus is good*

I say 'before I give you this money can we pray for you?'

He says 'oh my god, im sorry, i've been cussing left and right, i didn't know that you guys were christian. im so sorry, plz forgive me..oh my im soo sorry'.

We then without words lay hands on his shoulders and pray for him. I pray 'Lord show him your love, dispite his sin, show him your love never changes that You desire his heart..etc..etc'

After the prayer and giving him money, the man was in tears. "thank you, thank you"

Then stumbling trying to leave (he was that touched by God...not like a 'service thing' but in shock that we helped him and prayed for him), he then spoke some more and said 'Oh my, can i come back tomarrow? I would love to talk to you all about everything, i have so many things on my heart'.

Talk about GOD BRINGING PEOPLE!!! He knew Jesus, just hasn't been walking strong. It was amazing to see his eyes full of tears. I didn't feel the 'anointing', I just loved him. Ha. Love is the greatest!!

 2006/1/21 0:25

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wow, praise God!

I didn't feel the 'anointing', I just loved him.

AMEN! That's the way it should be toward all the people who we stumble across! we have to have the divine love for them, thats how we can truly pray for them and lay down our lives for them!
'though i speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, i am become as a sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. though i have the gift of prophecy, and understand ALL mysteries, and ALL knowledge; and though i have ALL faith, so that i could remove mountains, and have not charity,[b]i am nothing[/b]. [b]and though i bestow all my goods to feed the poor, [/b] and though i give my body to be burned, and have not [b]charity[/b], [b]it profiteth me nothing[/b]' 1 corinthians 13: 1-3

The Lord put it on my heart to meditate on this when a group of us took a trip to evangelize in Las Vegas, and i was floored. i was praying for all this power and anointing and all this stuff when i didnt even have love down, and all that power wouldnt profit anything if i didnt know how to love those people. Jesus is the anointed one, WE, just need to love! its love that pushes us to warn people of hell and thier sin against a Holy God. Man theres just so much about that and i dont want to ramble on forever. Theres so much truth in that verse and i encourage everyone to really meditate on it and allow the Lord to speak to them. its amazing! :-D


 2006/1/21 14:41Profile


I got 'tested' on the first one. I was driving home from church. I felt miserable. (My head is pounding, i'm sneezing.etc..etc)

And I wasn't in a hurry. I saw a car in the middle of a 6 lane road. (7 lanes including the middle) The man seemed like he was taking care of everything. No one was helping him out. And I kept thinking to myself 'there is no way I can help this man but prayer'. I just drove past and complained to God 'God, prayer is all I have, he needs something pratical'.

I realized prayer is all someone needs. Even though I didn't stop and pray with him. I felt 'somewhat' convicted. Like I wasn't weeping, but I knew I wasn't following God by driving away.

Prayer is more powerful than we all know. If God opens a door like that again. I WILL pray for that person.

 2006/1/22 17:15


Ha, I forgot I even posted that above! (about the first experience)

But right after that time, I prayed 'Lord, If you open another door just like this one, I will obey'.

Well, God was quick to answer.

Last Saturday (3 days ago) I was driving home from work. I saw a car, the guy looked distrought. The Police were helping him out. The hood of his car was up.

I drive by and think 'man that sinks for him...........oh wait, this is the thing that I posted on, well, he is fine, he doesn't just have a normal person helping him, he has a cop, so I can't do much more.'

I continue to drive. I go 2 lights past him. And God tugs on my heart. And think to myself 'well, the worst that could happen is him saying 'naw its all good''.

So I turn around, and try to find a parking space. (which took longer than it should)

I walk out of my car, walk down the street. I bet I got at least 100 looks. (not because I was helping him, but instead I was wearing my pinapple pajamas. Which I never wear at home, i wear them outside 8-) that's just the kinda guy I am. I like making people laugh! :-P ) Anywho, I wait for 2 minutes to get the guys attention and finally he looks over and I say 'Sir, do you need any help? I can help you finically if you would like.' He says 'naw, I'm good' and waves me off.

Well, it didn't go 'wonderful'. But I at least obeyed. And that's my story :-D

 2006/2/6 23:28

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