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 Thought Provokers

I want to challenge some of the SI members. All 'levels' of Christianity. If you feel you can't contribute, hey, at least try. Everyone's '2 cents' counts.

Here are a few examples, my question is 'how would you react.' I want a serious heart felt answer.

1. Your driving to work. You timed leaving from your house to make it to work with 10 mins to spare. You see a young man, on the road with his car smoking and in tears. There is already one person there with a cell phone in his hand. Many cars are getting jammed because of this man's car. People are honking and cussing and slowly getting by. Your car isn't to far away from it.

2. Your a college student. Money is tight. You don't have that much free time because you work 2 jobs and have college work. And you just got your pay check and have just enough money to get your favorite volume of sermons and books that you've been wanting for the past 2 years. A person, that you've resently befriended to a small extent, asks you for 100 bucks, they earnestly ask you in tears.

3. You've been up for 50 hours, due to numerous reasons. You've been 'crying' inside for sleep and rest. And in the middle of your day you met someone who is suicidal (you saw the scars on their arms and they never said anything to you) and you exchange your numbers. *you just taken a shower and are about to go to bed*. And God WISPERS to you ONCE that you should 'call this person'. Then you feel a 'light' call of God to call them up.

I ask that you respond in a heart felt answer.(Most 'heart felt' answers can't be with only 2 seconds of reading this. I ask that you would respond in 'WHAT YOU WOULD REALLY DO')

And I pray that the Lord would TEST your response.

 2006/1/14 16:40

 Re: Thought Provokers

Example 1: Someone is already there with the cell phone helping this guy with the car that is broke down, he'll be aright.

Example 2: I am not a college student but money is tight, I work at one job and I have plenty of time. I have had friends who have approached me and needed a $20,40,60,100 bucks & have given it gladly (they promise to pay back, but I normally refuse to give unless they get into their head that I don't want it back) and I would do it again. Other times they would ask and I've refused I'd feel a check in my spirit.

Example 3: I have gone to bed without ministering to someone that needs my attention. I'd say a lay me down to sleep prayer for them. When your not seeking God you miss alot of opprutunities, and yours truly has done just that. Sometimes when I see a sorry case walking down the street, I would duck in an alley way just to avoid them b/c my day is going so good I don't want to be bogged down with the blues. This is a character flaw that I know I need changing. I don't do this all the time, because I do sit with those who are down on their luck and try to give a ray of sunshine in their lives. I have had people tell me that I am a super fellow, caring, etc.. I think in my mind, "they don't me at all". So my overall answer would be to example 3, I would probably go to bed, but if I as seeking God and being close to Him, I'd get up regardless of how tired and exhausted I was.



 2006/1/14 20:35

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 Re: Thought Provokers

Good thought provoking questions, but the fact still remains one does not know what he/she would do when he/she would be in that situation because of other contributing factors unknown at the moment. "He that thinketh he standth take heed lest he fall" came to my mind.

As you get older you learn to never say "I would always do...." or "I would never do....." because you just do not know. You live by the grace of God, are in tune to his Spirit and you want to be obedient at all times whatever that may call for.


Sandra Miller

 2006/1/14 22:32Profile



ginnyrose wrote:
As you get older you learn to never say "I would always do...." or "I would never do....." because you just do not know.

It's just a simple request on a hypothetical situation. DUH, it's not going to be a '100%' answer. But don't you think hypothetical situations in your own time (what if this, what if that).

The purpose is jus to encourage the SI body to LOVE. Preaching on a soap box is all well an good but if your not willing to share REAL Love, then I condemn anyone that dares to preach on a soap box.

(I know I'll get mean replies for that, but understand the heart of the matter. LOVE is the greatest. Not 'this or that' LOVE. If your not 'imparting' or giving love out, then what are you good for? Nothing.)

Now, in those situations for me. I pray the Lord helps me walk those out. Some I need work on. Because #1, that person needs prayer not just help. #2 that person need help. #3 that person needs a friend.

And all situations are great open doors for witnessing.

Love was said as 'Giving someone "something" at your own exspense'
Lust was said as 'Receiving/Taking advantage of "something" from someone at THEIR exspense'

Do you LOVE people? Christ didn't say 'you will know if ye are my disciples if you preach on a soapbox' but instead 'if you have love for one another'.

(I'm not against street preaching, but think there needs to be MORE love given from the Body of Christ; PLUS LETS NOT ARGUE THIS ON THIS THREAD, IF YOU POST HERE, PLEASE JUST POST ON THE 3 EXAMPLES. I'M JUST TRYING TO SHOW YOU THE PURPOSE BEHIND IT ALL)

 2006/1/15 1:29

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I) He is alright. I would try to hurry up for those behind me and not stop and look.

II) I would still have to know what the money is going to be used for and when he could pay it back. I could give him the money under the right circustances but I do not and will not blindly give money to anyone, in my case the sad fact is that here in California there are a lot of great unemployeed actors who think buying drugs, alchol or even the most recent video game will bring them to tears. Another factor is how well I know him or her, if I do not know him well I would wonder why is he asking his newest friend and if this is a pattern. I would have to know why no family, no friends and no established credit. We are supposed to be good stewards of our money. Just because someone asks does not trigger an automatic, yes on our part. If this person does not have a job, no friends, no family most likely drugs or alchol is envolved. Now I am going from helper to enablier. NOT GOOD

III) I would call unless I passed out on the way to the phone, I would try very hard. I do not do sleep deprivation very well. Call him? if God called me, I hope I would go in person if at all possible.

David Michael Paul

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 Re: Thought Provokers

those are great questions! they really caused me to examine my heart and realize that some of those things have happened and some could very well happen to me some time soon. it also kind of sobered me up because i when i searched my heart i saw what i really would do:

1. i wouldnt stop if the person was a man because i am a girl and idont feel right doing that. if it was a girl and i saw that there was a person there already i would most likley keep going, just say a quick prayer for them. my heart always goes out for the stranded people or the people who have to walk, and im such a pansy that i dont help out so i just pray. one time when i did stop and ask a girl i got rejected! hahaha. im scarred for life now... (just kidding)
2. well i am a college student, money is tight, i do work a job in my city and volunteer to make tuition cheaper at my college...100 is a lot of money... but with this one i think i would give it just because the Lord has provided for me large amounts of money before so i cant be stingy with my money. but you never know, maybe i wouldnt. but at the same time i would be so busy i wouldnt even have time to listen the sermons and read the books?
3. this one is the one that really got me. when you emphasised WHISPERS, and only ONCE....i knew that i would be disobediant. i dont know, this is a tough one because you never know how you are going to react, temptation is high when you are tired and i would probably walk over to the phone and then reason my way out of it by saying 'nah this isnt from God i can just call them tomorrow first thing when i get up'. this one was a good thought provoking one. i know that this is something that i want to be changed in, to just barely hear the voice of God and jump up and do what He calls me to do.

these were all really good, im glad you put them up! i got blessed by it. im kind of scared now because all of these situations are probably going to happen now...thanks :-P As for what you said about the body of Christ needing to show love, AMEN! God has been putting that on my heart latley too, i want the body to show a DIVINE kind of love, not just mere human effort love.


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 Re: Thought Provokers

This is just a quick answer, I have to go soon, I've just read 'God's Smuggler' the Brother Andrew story and he answers those questions. He did what God told him to at the time, and it always worked out ok (even giving his last few pennies to someone who needed it, when he owed a debt) It's a very encouraging read, I reccomend it. Sorry don't want to hijack this great thread.



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 Re: Thought Provokers

1. Some's there. I they weren't I'd stop.

2. I'd give. What's better, a biblical teaching on faithful trust and obedience, or a Devinely appointed object lesson. In the middle of reading Oswald Chamber's biography, and am deeply challenged by his action upon Jesus' words, "Give to all that ask." Even to the point of being accused of being irresponsable when he gave to a homeless man while saying to him something to the affect of, "Just so you know, I don't believe a word of you explaination for needing the money, but I'll give you it anyway, at my Lord's command."

3. I'd ask God's mercy over the friend and myself and go to bed. In the past satan has appeared to me as an "angel of light" and had me also serve myself into the grave. Beside, after 50 hours of sleep dep', they'd probably finsh the job after talking to me. I was long ago delivered from the need to prove myself as some kind of spiritual superman. God doesn't need us anywhere near as much as we make out, you know.
Having said that, if God somehow supernaturally woke me up, or gave me the equivelent of 8 hrs sleep in 5 mins, I'd call.

Aaron Ireland

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 Re: Thought Provokers

I must say Ginny Rose said it right. Hypothetical questions lack God’s Spirit of Wisdom and God’s Grace his ability to do his will in the middle of our situation. So we really don’t know exactly what to do. Personally I have got in a lot of trouble trying to answer hypothetical questions in my life. I am not saying easy black or white type questions I am talking those questions we truly need to look to God for his answers. In the Old T. Aaron the high priest wore a breastplate with 12 stones mounted on it. Each one representing the one of the 12 tribes of Israel and upon his shoulders were two other stones called the Urim & Thummim stone. When Aaron needed to find out what to do God would reveal his will through the Urim & Thummim. This is what God wants in our lives as well. For Us to go to him and ask God what should I do in this matter.

Ken McGovern

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 A reality check?

I like this thread, and here's why: I think it is an exercise in checking our PRIORITIES and our MOTIVES. I have to say that it IS very easy for me to say some great intellectual reason for not doing something that I ought to be doing. In the places I frequent, we call it "rationalizing and justifying". I know those are not popular words in certain circles, but it has been a real eye-opener for me when I have taken the time to CHECK myself, as to what my REAL motive is, for doing or not doing..... If this may be you, please apply accordingly, if it's NOT you, then "go with God"!:-D

Hypothetically speaking, I THINK this is what I would do (By the way, you didn't mention, is there anyone around who KNOWS me in these scenarios?;-)):
#1 I would have to say that I would not stop, if there was already someone there with him, helping. I also am a female, and have been taught well, not to stop/pich up hitchhikers, etc. However, there was a time when the lord laid it on my heart to give a man a lift, and he turned out to be a really CHRISTIAN guy, and a blessing. So, (I HOPE)I would listen to the Spirit's direction.
#2 As a recovered addict, myself, I have to say that the WISE thing to do, since this is a recent acquaintance, is to find out what it is for, and pay the bill, or do whatever it is, for them, w/o putting the money into their hands. OF course this is IF the Lord tells you to help them out. I agree w/ the rather hard-line reply earlier, that there are usually reasons for ppl getting themselves into situations, but I also know that a helping hand can be the difference between another day to decide for Jesus, or abject despair and possibly not making it. Yes, it's that heavy, sometimes. I think there is a pattern here: #1, listen to the Lord; #2, listen to the Lord....Hm. :-
#3, This is a hard one for me, I can't imagine the 50 hours w/o sleep, in the first place, but I get the general idea. I just hope that my spiritual ears are open, and remain that way.


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