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Joined: 2005/11/27
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Houston, Tx


Hello im fairly new I never really introduced myself on this page so. My name is Eloy 17 a guy right now fell in love with this website when I first found it. To me this is the all time best website of the century. Well just let you know a little about myself been a christian for about 4 months so fairly new. The main thing im trying to do right now is grow in prayer. So if anyone has tips or sermons you would recommend, it would be cool.

Well thank you

Your brother Eloy

Eloy Lopez

 2006/1/14 0:10Profile

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Hello

Dear Eloy,


To me this is the all time best website of the century.

Will find no argument there! And it is to Gods glory that all that is here to further that and lead us all unto perfection. Ah, how this gives such great hope to hear of the upcoming generation partaking in this serious school of thought.

4 months in and already realizing the key element;
The main thing im trying to do right now is grow in prayer.

Oh my soul, praise God! Dear brother, hold fast to this, it is the very life blood of the Christian. Could not begin to over emphasize this. Even now many a learned man of the things of God has yet to adequately absorb this truth. Pray early, pray often, pray without ceasing! Study prayer and pray in study. There is a tremendous resource right here in articles and messages and even by way of [i]"things caught, rather than 'taught'"[/i].

A perfect example of what I mean can be found here;

[url=]A Call to Anguish[/url] by David Wilkerson

You might characterize this as the crying of soul in it's starkness. It may not appear to have anything to do with prayer as a 'subject' but it so seized upon me by his heart cry that it effected my own praying, drawing from the very same inward sentiment of expression.

So many, would hate to bombard you here, but a couple more;

[url=]Desperate Prayer[/url] by Leonard Ravenhill

[url=]Calling On The Name Of The Lord[/url]


[url=]Calling On The Name Of The Lord (video)[/url] by Jim Cymbala

[url=]A Life of Effectual Intercessory Prayer[/url] by Gerhard Du Toit

If you have yet to, read E.M. Bounds, try a search here on Praying Nash for more reading material, or just put "Prayer" into the search engine. Another would be P.T Forsyth and would be absurdly short not to mention this little online book, recommended by Leonard Ravenhill;

[url=]The Hidden Life of Prayer[/url] by David MacIntyre

May the Lord lead you after His own thought Eloy.

Mike Balog

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Joined: 2005/11/27
Posts: 26
Houston, Tx

 Re: I love the help

Thank you very much brother for all of your information you have given me. I actually started reading the book about Father Nash and saw some things about Leonard Ravenhill that triggered me to grow in prayer. So thank you again and if you ever find more things that you think would make me grow go right ahead and send it to me by e-mail or whatever you prefer.

Your Brother Eloy

Eloy Lopez

 2006/1/14 11:48Profile

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