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Bloomington, IN

 Another scientific hoax

If a researcher and university can deceive 6 billion people this easily, what other lies have we been tought by schools over the years?


Denver McDaniel

 2006/1/11 23:15Profile

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 Re: Another scientific hoax

How on earth this fraud could go on this long is beyond me....unless he was held in such high repute that his distractors were intimated into silence. My brother-in-law, who is a researcher himself, says there are a lot of checks and balances in the system to prevent this kind of thing. A researcher will publish his findings and others will work to duplicate these procedures in their own labs. If they cannot accomplish this and others can't either, this writers work is viewed with suspicion and is soon discredited.


Sandra Miller

 2006/1/12 9:02Profile

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