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 Computer chips implanted in hands...

[i]A sign of the times...[/i]

[b]Computer chips get under skin of enthusiasts[/b]
[i]By Jamie McGeever[/i]

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Forgetting computer passwords is an everyday source of frustration, but a solution may literally be at hand -- in the form of computer chip implants.

With a wave of his hand, Amal Graafstra, a 29-year-old entrepreneur based in Vancouver, Canada, opens his front door. With another, he logs onto his computer.

Tiny radio frequency identification (RFID) computer chips inserted into Graafstra's hands make it all possible.

"I just don't want to be without access to the things that I need to get access to. In the worst case scenario, if I'm in the alley naked, I want to still be able to get in (my house)," Graafstra said in an interview in New York, where he is promoting the technology. "RFID is for me."

The computer chips, which cost about $2, interact with a device installed in computers and other electronics. The chips are activated when they come within 3 inches of a so-called reader, which scans the data on the chips. The "reader" devices are available for as little as $50.

Information about where to buy the chips and readers is available online at the "tagged" forum, ( where enthusiasts of the technology chat and share information.

Graafstra said at least 20 of his tech-savvy pals have RFID implants.

"I can't feel it at all. It doesn't impede me. It doesn't hurt at all. I almost can't tell it's there," agreed Jennifer Tomblin, a 23-year-old marketing student and Graafstra's girlfriend.


Mikey Sklar, a 28-year-old Brooklyn resident, said, "It does give you some sort of power of 'Abracadabra,' of making doors open and passwords enter just by a wave of your hand."

The RFID chip in Sklar's hand, which is smaller than a grain of rice and can last up to 100 years, was injected by a surgeon in Los Angeles.

Tattoo artists and veterinarians also could insert the chips into people, he said. For years, veterinarians have been injecting similar chips into pets so the animals can be returned to their owners if they are lost.

Graafstra was drawn to RFID tagging to make life easier in this technological age, but Sklar said he was more intrigued by the technology's potential in a broader sense.

In the future, technological advances will allow people to store, transmit and access encrypted personal information in an increasing number of wireless ways, Sklar said.

Wary of privacy issues, Sklar said he is developing a fabric "shield" to protect such chips from being read by strangers seeking to steal personal information or identities.

One advantage of the RFID chip, Graafstra said, is that it cannot get lost or stolen. And the chip can always be removed from a person's body.

"It's kind of a gadget thing, and it's not so impressive to have it on your key chain as it is to have it in you," Sklar said. "But it's not for everyone."

Sklar's girlfriend, Wendy Tremayne, has yet to be convinced. She said she probably would not inject the computer chip into her body unless she thought it was a "necessity."

"If it becomes more convenient, I may," said the 38-year-old artist and yoga teacher. "(But) I'd rather have an organic life."

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 Re: Computer chips implanted in hands...

I use to handle and test small flat chips (surface mounts that were resisters)
The smallest of them was the size of a flake of pepper .042 of an inch. The first time I seen them, the thought accorded to me that it would be so easy to put them in the skin.

Eileen Teitsworth

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Hi dullrainbow...!

A few years ago, the church that I attended was installing quite a few desktop systems in its Christian high school. Since I knew alot about computers, the pastor asked me to monitor the installation process. Over the course of the day, the conversation between the computer tech and myself varied. Eventually, however, the topic turned to Biblical prophecy.

I told the tech about what Revelation says about the "mark of the beast" -- and how no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark. I told him that many people were interpreting this to mean that it would be an implanted microchip. Such a chip could result in a society where cash, checks and credit cards (or identity) would no longer be stolen because of such an implanted chip.

Instead of getting a fearful reaction, this tech stated emphatically, "Wow -- that's a great idea!"

Obviously, he was confused, and thought that I supported such chip implants. But his reaction made me wonder how willing the world would be at such a notion.

Even so, come Lord Jesus!



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Instead of getting a fearful reaction, this tech stated emphatically, "Wow -- that's a great idea!"

Obviously, he was confused, and thought that I supported such chip implants. But his reaction made me wonder how willing the world would be at such a notion.

I recently did a teaching called "Back To Babel" in which I deal with Daniel 12:4 and the two signs of the 'end of days'. Many things can be dismissed or explained away, but those two things from that passage (abundant travel and multiplied knowledge) cannot be misunderstood. We are living in those times right now and they are times that have not been since at least before the flood.

Have you heard about Googles plans? To make available "All human knowledge" onto a portable device connected to its search engine? Did you know that they plan to digitize all human information and make it available from their server farms? They are working to digitize the worlds great libraries with special equipment and have been working on this for a few years now. beyond that they want to have the DNA of all species in their supercomputers as well as all human beings for search and research? Beyond that they forsee a day when devices can be taken to the remotest regions of the earth under solar power to make 'all human knowledge' available to even the most secluded peoples?

Interesting that Daniel used the same Hebrew word in the sentence "knowledge shall be [u]'increased'[/u]" that God used when he told Adam and Eve to 'multiply' and replenish the earth. It is also the word used to describe how the waters '[u]increased[/u] upon the earth' during the great flood. As Ron Bailey says, words have histories. The first glimpse of the word for 'increased' is those poassages that deal with the globe being covered with either people or deluged with waters. Imagine a 'deluge' of knowledge. At Babel God slowed the proliferation of wickedness by confounding the languages, but the printing press put legs back on man's rebellion and if I might so say, the internet and especially Google's page rank search engine (which they maintain a complete up to date and historical copy of the ENTIRE publically accessable internet on their database as well as your IP and ALL searches you have ever performed. ) For those who have not read it, you ought to read, "The Google Story." It is very sobering and speaks right to our times a roaring reminder of Daniel 12:4 and the reverse of the measures God took at Babel.

As for the RF chips? It is only a matter of time and the passages that deal with the Mark of the Beast have to be examined carefully. Daniel says in the last few verses that the "righteous will understand."

Ask yourself a question, has there been a time in human history or especially since the Revelation was written where folk could not buy or sell without having an 'etching' in their right hand or forehead (etching BTW is a process used in making circuit boards). Or a mark of ANY kind for that matter? What about a preterest view? Did Nero, Domition or any of the emperors to Diocletion implement any type of right hand or forehead marking that kept folk from buying or selling or that those who would not receive this mark would be killed? Even if we spiritualize the text and say it was supposed to be some sort of 'mystical' marking of alliegance to this world- it does not explain the fact that the indicators for the events of the 'time of the end' are exponential travel and knowledge- something that has NEVER been since the flood?

And what about Pretribulational Rapturism that says- "It don't matter what mark a Christian takes, because after all, if the Rapture has not taken place, we KNOW its not the Mark of the Beast were taken." Thr Rapture has become the indicator of all things and could lead to millions taking a mark in their Right hand or forehead based upon that relatively new doctrine? Again, thr righteous WILL understand, but the wicked will do wickedly. SIN always has an influence on your theology and so does a theology of non-suffering. We all need to read and rearead the last chapter of Daniel.

God Bless,


Robert Wurtz II

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Yes Robert, very well said. I pray the Church wakes up and sees this.

Eli Brayley

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Rev 14 9b-10a

"...If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God..."

Hal Bachman

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