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 The Apostle Peter's Comments on Paul's Letters!

I have read 1 and 2 Peter many times, but for some reason this passage didn't sink in until today:

"And remember, the Lord is waiting so that people have time to be saved. This is just as our beloved brother Paul wrote to you with the wisdom God gave him--
speaking of these things in all of his letters. Some of his comments are hard to understand, and those who are ignorant and unstable have twisted his letters around to mean something quite different from what he meant, just as they do the other parts of Scripture--and the result is disaster for them." 2 Peter 3:15-16 (NLT)

Here the Apostle Peter is admitting that Paul's letters contain information in them that has and is being used in a heretical way. Peter's statements that there are parts of Paul's letters that are, "hard to understand" makes me feel better because I certainly have a lot of questions for Paul when I step into eternity!
Notice the two qualities Peter lists that was in common among those who were twisting his words: [b]ignorant[/b] & [b]unstable[/b]. Young's literal translation says "untaught" and "unstable."

Just thought that was interesting enough to share.

Just in case you don't know, here are the letters that Paul wrote:

1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
1 Timothy
2 Timothy

(Some say Hebrews, too, but most scholars say that Paul might have contributed but wasn't the sole author.)

-Chris ;-)

Christopher Wright

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 Re: The Apostle Peter's Comments on Paul's Letters!


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 Re: The Apostle Peter's Comments on Paul's Letters!

Here the Apostle Peter is admitting that Paul's letters contain information in them that has and is being used in a heretical way. Peter's statements that there are parts of Paul's letters that are, "hard to understand"

Paul himself in Romans spoke of those who twist and distort what he says. For instance in the matter of being justified by faith apart from works, Paul speaks of those who infer from this that he taught antinominism, that is that men may believe and be free to live in sin with no consequences.

But the reality is that Paul was given to "Complete the Word of God... which is the revelation of the mystery hidden from the ages... which is "Christ in you, the hope of Glory".

Only in Paul's epistles do we have the compete revelation of Christ and the Church. The indwelling Christ and the church as His body, His bride, His building, and His dwelling place.

Peter touched on the building in his epistles regarding our being "living stones being built up into a holy priesthood..." But the fullest revelation is in Paul's epistles.

Not only so but at one point Paul testified that "all in Asia have forsaken me". That is they turned away from his ministery of Christ.

Paul was the "wise master builder". Paul saw God's building and that was his controling vision in all his labor. That God in Christ by the Spirit is building his eternal habitation. That we are being "built up into a holy temple, the dwelling place of God in spirit."

And Paul had the revelation of this building and the materials of which it is built. The gold of the Divine Nature, the Silver of Christ's redemption, and the precious stones of the Spirit's work in reconstituting believers with Christ to be His espression.

John in Revelation had the consumate vision in Ch. 21-22 of this completed building, the New Jerusalem, the Wife of the Lamb, the City of God and the tabernacle of God. The Eternal Divine/Human incorporation of God wroght into his redeemed, regenerated, renewed, transformed, conformed, and transfigured tripartite man as His eternal corporate expression, His eternal corporate dwelling, His tabernacle among men perfected, transparent, and fully constituted with the Gold of HIs Nature with the River of the water of Life (The Spirit) flowing through it's street. To the Father She is the City of God and His tabernacle, to Christ she is His perfected and completed Bride, His wife and counterpart for all eternity.

To us it is the temple of God. God Himself is the temple and He is our eternal Abode and we are His eternal Abode as the "many abodes" (John 14).

God "built" Adam a wife out of his very substance to be his counterpart. God is building Christ's a bride and a wife out of His very substance to be His eternal match and counterpart. And God is building Himself an eternal habitation and dwelling place with us as living stones.

I believe it is God's intention in these last days that believers not relegate these things to "those things hard to understand" but rather to see and enter into the reality of these things in order that His building might be completed and He will see the relatization of His Eternal Purpose in redeeming and regenerating us.

In spiritual experience, to see is to enter in. When we have the revealtion we automatically enter into it. It must be worked into us and worked out, but we enter in and begin the enjoyment of it when we see it by the Spirit's unveiling. Our need is revealtion that we might, "know what is the hope of His calling, and what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the Saints and what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe...

We should seek the Lord and cry to Him to open up His Word and to enable us to enter into the reality of these things both individually and corporately. We should pray through Paul's "high" epistles, and John's revelation. They are not there to be hidden but to be opened up, enjoyed, and experienced by "all the saints" for the fulfilling of His Eternal Purpose.

We should not be content to be assimilated into the mainstream which is very degraded, shallow and built up with wood, hay and stubble. God's building is not built up with personalities, human learning, methods, orginization, and techniques. It is not built up by theological degrees, movements, or campains. It is a living orginism built up by the Living Christ being ministered into His redeemed, regenerated saints as their Life, their living, and their all by those who are themselves constituted with Christ and cooperate with the Ascended Christ through the Spirit in building according to God's design which are the "joints of the rich supply" and also by "the measure of each one part", the functioning of all the members. By these means the body builds itself up in love.


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Do not follow the crowds, is what my Spirit Hears. Jesus knew how to walk with others, yet his walk was different. He was in the midst of a crowd yet he knew what everyone else was thinking. He spoke when he needed to speak, and what he needed to speak, and he was quiet observing what he needed to observe.

He was in the midst of a crowd, yet he was alone – he knew what his destiny was, no one needed to tell him, he knew when, where, how, and why.

When he taught in the church, he was in the midst of a crowd yet alone, when he walked the roads -- those same roads he would walk again carrying his CROSS, in the midst of a multitude yet alone.

In the midst of a group yet alone! He didn’t feel alone, but he was alone for he knew what his purpose was, he knew that it was just a matter of time, before he had to drink from that cup. He knew that one day he would die but that he would be raise in a glorious way because that was his Promise. He knew what he would suffer, but he endured it anyway, because of his Love for us and his Love for the Father or should I say the Love of the Father in the Son, because he loved US! Yes…

And so we hear the crowds saying, if you are really God why don’t you save yourself. The Angels were standing by just waiting for a command. Legions of Angels, assigned to him just waiting, but his Love overcame every word spoken to him. His love overcame the persecution.

Was he afraid, was he nervous, did he struggle with all of the weakness that we struggle with Today? Yes he did! He was God in the form of man, and humbled himself in suffering to learn obedience.

And so we see in the Scriptures that God has Mercy on whom he chooses to have Mercy


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 Re: relationship to the thread

Brother ANewInHim,

I am wondering how this relates to "Peter's view of Paul's epistles".


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