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 The Love Feast - Should We Reinstate It?

Check out this article on the "Agape" or love feast, a common practice during the first three centuries of Christianity:

Should churches reinstate this practice?

I am the pastor of a new church and although conducting these agape feast every day would be perhaps too radical, I would like to see them practiced on Sunday evenings.


Christopher Wright

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 Re: The Love Feast - Should We Reinstate It?

Hi brother,

There is sort of a revival of this practice in many Home Church/Out of Church movements.

I do fellowship with a group of believers just south of where I live where we gather many times around a sort of feast. It's very informal and is made up generally of brothers and sisters coming from many different churches and as many different denominations. We usually, but not always gather at a brother's house named Alan Martin (you can find a couple of sermons on this site). The fellowship is wonderful and there is a sweet spirit about the gathering. You can feel the Lord's presence there, but not because we keep the outward form only, but also the inward form--feasting the Word of God.

I would encourage you brother to go for something like this if it is the Lord's leading. It can be a wonderfully uplifting time, and everyone's faith is greatly strengthened.

In Christ,
Jeremy Hulsey

Jeremy Hulsey

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 Re: The Love Feast - Should We Reinstate It?

Hey, whether with excuse, or 'just because', the more fellowship a church has together, the better. Keep your focus on our God, and you can't go wrong.

Grace and Peace...

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I think it would be a fine idea...

It might be interesting seeing people slow down enough to spend four to six hours in the Church for one service every Sunday, an admirable thing.

If you were mainly referring just to the meal and fellowship, that would be pretty cool, too.

David Reynolds

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 Re: The Love Feast - Should We Reinstate It?

My home church practices that ---not weekly, but on a regular basis--at least once per month on the average. and we try to have an olde' fashioned foot washing once per year. :-) God Bless ya pastor as you seek to follow God's word.


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