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 Abandonment and a Holy Life by JeanneGuyon

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ
Abandonment and a Holy Life
By: Jeanne Guyon

What is the result of walking continually before God in a state of abandonment? The ultimate result is godliness. Once you have made this relationship with God part of your life, godliness is easily witin your reach.

What do we mean by godliness? Godliness is something that comes from God. If you are faithful to learn this simple way to experiance your Lord, you will take posession of God. As you possess Him, you will inherit all His traits. This is godliness: the more you possess God, the more you are made like Him.

But it must be a godliness that has grown from within you. If godliness is not from deep within you, it is only a mask. The mere outward apperance of godliness is as changable as a garment. But when godliness is produced in you from the Life that is deep within you- then godliness is real, lasting, and the genuine essence of the Lord. 'The King's daughter is all glorious within' (ps. 45:13)

How, then, is godliness achieved?

The Christian has learned to be abandoned to Jesus Chirst and who walks in a life of abandonment to Him, practices godliness to the highest degree. But you would never hear such a person clain to possess any particular spirituality at all. Why? Because that Christian has become totally united with God. It is the Lord Himself who is leading that believer into this very thorough practice of godliness.

The Lord is very jealous over any saint who is utterly abandoned to Him. He does not let the believer have any pleasures at all outside of Himself.

Is abandonment the only necessary thing to bring us into godliness? No, but if you become more faithful in following everything that has been said thus far, godliness [i]will[/i] come. But do not forget that [i]suffering[/i] is included in the experiance of abandonment. It is the [i]fire[/i] of suffering which will bring forth the [i]gold[/i] of godliness.

Do not be fearful that you will not with to walk this way. In the level of experiance of which i now speak there is a hungering for suffering. Such Christians burn with love for the Lord. In fact, if they were permitted to follow their own desires, they would put themselves under a great deal of discipline, even excessive self-denial. Onc such love burns within the heart of a believer, he thinks of nothing but how to please his beloved Lord. He begins to neglect himself-no far more then that- in love with the Lord, he even completly [i]forgets[/i]about himself. As his love for the Lord grows, so does his hatred for his self-life.

may you learn this path.

Oh, if this simple way to prayer, this simple experiance of Jesus Christ, could be aquired by the Lords children, the whole church of God would easily be reformed. This way of prayer, this simple relationship to your Lord, is so suited for everyone; it is just as suited for the dull and ignorant as it is for the well-educated. This prayer, this experiance which begins so simply, has as its end a totally abandoned love to the Lord.

St. Agustine said 'love, then do what you please'. For when you have learned to love, you will not even desire to do those things that might offend the One you love.


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 Re: Abandonment and a Holy Life by JeanneGuyon

O for the deeper life.


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 Re: Abandonment and a Holy Life by JeanneGuyon

Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ

I read this book once, wonderful teaching book on how to abandon self to God. It is just a shame that this is not taught to the peoples today from the pulpit.

Eileen Teitsworth

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