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Hi there Good People,
I am Jacob (25yrs), from the North Eastern Regions Of India. I registered into this website a few weeks ago and am still learning the ropes, so to say.
I just want to say Hi to everyone and also to add that it's a great feeling to be a part of something that is contributing a lot to our growth as Children of God.
Bye and if you feel upto it you can mail me anytime.

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 Re: introduction

Dear Jacob,
Some of us spend quite a lot of time in prayer for these regions of yours.
From which one of the seven states are you?
Tell us more about the situation out there and about the Church.

Our news desk just told us this:
Former rebels win Mizoram polls
A former separatist group has been re-elected in India’s north-eastern state of Mizoram.
The ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) has won 21 seats in the 40-member house with two results yet to come in.
The Congress party was a distant second with 12 seats and other smaller regional parties won five seats.
Mizoram is the only peaceful state in the troubled north-east, where more than a dozen rebel groups are fighting Indian rule...

Rich blessings,
Lars W.

Lars Widerberg

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Reading, UK

 Re: introduction

Hi Jacob
I was last in India just about the time you were born! I spent some months in UP and then the Darjeeling District; Ghoom, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Pedong, Siliguri, and in the cooler mornings here you will find me wrapped in my beautiful Naga shawl. :-P

I have a lot of friends there still and may be returning sometime next year.
Its good to have you as part of our family.

Ron Bailey

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


I am Jacob (25yrs), from the North Eastern Regions Of India. I registered into this website a few weeks ago and am still learning the ropes, so to say.

Hi Jacob, I am so glad you found this site. If you have any questions at all ask me on the forums or send me a private message. ;-)

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: introduction

Welcome Jacob!

SO nice to meet you. Feel free to email any of us as well. WOuld love to hear from you.

Have you ever heard of Howard Foltz---he's my lead professor that I work under and has been to India many times.

God bless.


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 Re: introduction

Hi Jacob and a warm welcome to you!

Mike Balog

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 Re: introduction

Hey Jacob!
What a blessing to have you join us here. I haven't had as much personal connection with India as some people here, but I'm just finishing up at higher-level course on the many religions of South Asia, specifically India, of course. So interesting, and I always pray that God will allow me to put to use what I've learned in witnessing. My aunt was born and raised in Mumbai (Bombay), and when I was a child I loved listening to her tell about the country and the people.
I know that there is much persecution in some parts of India against our brothers and sisters, and I will remember you in my prayers for safety and courage to shine Christ's light, no matter what. :-)

Mary M.

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