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 12/27/2005: The Gospel Proclaimed in Tamil


Tamil, spoken by an estimated 74 million people, is one of India's two classical languages (for example, it is as old as Latin and older than Arabic). The primary language of Tamil Nadu state and the Tamil areas of Sri Lanka, it is also spoken by Tamils throughout India and other parts of the world.

Today, GFA Radio is broadcasting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Tamil, as well as in 91 other Asian languages.

In this intereview, Brother Sanjog, the producer of Gospel for Asia's Tamil broadcasts, shares his heart regarding the radio and the impact it has in India.

Q: How long have you been doing the broadcast?
A: For three years.

Q: How has the Lord led you to do this?
A: I was brought up in a Christian family and was blessed to have parents who encouraged me to grow in the Lord. I attended Sunday school and church services, but in spite of this spiritual atmosphere I did not experience the Lord personally.

In my teenage years I forgot the godly principles of my childhood and slowly turned from the Lord. I had no peace in my life and felt all alone. But I was urged to read the Bible, and while reading, God started working in me. Repenting before the Lord, I accepted His lordship. Instantly I was overflowing with joy, and peace filled my heart.

As my walk with the Lord grew, I sensed a burden for the perishing souls. I committed my life to the Lord's service and attended a Bible school where the Lord started using me to touch many souls. Even when I was there the Lord brought opportunities for me to share His love through radio (Athmik Yathra), and I consider this a great privilege.

Q: How do you keep your message personal despite the fact that you are speaking to potentially millions?
A: First of all, I ask God to teach me personally what I should say. I allow Him to transform me through the message I prepare, and when it is delivered, it becomes a personal one. Though I am speaking to millions, I am concerned about the individual soul, as Dr. K.P. Yohannan has taught us. I keep that thought fresh in my mind as I prepare for the recording.

Q: What are some of your greatest challenges?
A: The listeners are from a wide range of backgrounds, and they have a lot of problems such as addiction to drugs and alcohol. Caste barriers and suicidal tendencies are widespread as well.

Q: What are some of your greatest joys?
A: God confirms His Word through signs and wonders. Many addicts (captives) are set free, people are liberated from strongholds of the enemy, and divided families are united. For example, through the program a man threw away poison and was delivered from suicide. Another man was healed from leprosy, while still another stopped his alcoholic tendencies. There are numerous testimonies like this where God heals cancer, epilepsy and restored eyesight.

Q: What are your prayers for the future of children's radio ministry?
A: We are praying, and in fact planning, for the children's radio ministry. We have a special burden for kids. God willing, we expect such a program soon.

Please pray that the Lord will speak through Brother Sanjog to reach the millions in India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that God's Sovereign hand will lead people to turn to the Tamil broadcast, and that hearts will be receptive as they listen.

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