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 Blasphemy: New NBC show 'Book of Daniel'

New NBC Drama Show Mocks Christianity
Email NBC Chairman Bob Wright over NBC's latest show, "The Book of Daniel."
NBC is touting the network's mid-season replacement series "The Book of Daniel" with language that implies it is a serious drama about Christian people and Christian faith. The main character is Daniel Webster, a drug-addicted Episcopal priest whose wife depends heavily on her mid-day martinis.

Webster regularly sees and talks with a very unconventional white-robed, bearded Jesus. The Webster family is rounded out by a 23-year-old homosexual Republican son, a 16-year-old daughter who is a drug dealer, and a 16-year-old adopted son who is having sex with the bishop's daughter.

At the office, his lesbian secretary is sleeping with his sister-in-law.

Network hype – and the mainstream media – call it "edgy," "challenging" and "courageous." The hour-long limited drama series will debut January 6 with back-to-back episodes and will air on Friday nights. The writer for the series is a practicing homosexual.

The homosexual son will be network prime-time's only regular male homosexual character in a drama series.

Please use the link below to send a letter to NBC Chairman Bob Wright.

Next, please forward this to your family and friends today!

Those at NBC responsible for this program consider it a good, religiously oriented show typical of Christian families.

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 Re: Blasphemy: New NBC show 'Book of Daniel'

Thanks for posting this, I sent it to all me e-mail peeps and it moves me to pray for the cahirman of NBC and the network.

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I recieved an email from an Calvary Chapel pastor saying that it has been cancelled? is this true?

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Yes, it is true. They have been showing a lot of offensive things on television, however, despite protests by the AFA.

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