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 Finney's Works

If you want to find Finney's works and a lot of hard to find material (like a piece on fashion he wrote to a magazine edited by William Booth) you can go to It even has biographies by others who knew him well. I really enjoyed the site, though it may be a little scattered at the first two links to actually read stuff. I hope you all enjoy it.

On a personal note, no piece outside the Bible has impacted me as deeply as lectures on Revival by Charles Finney, which I have read over and over and keep gleaning insights from. He has more to say about the power of prayer and true revival than anyone else I have read of and more authority to back up what he has to say. If you read his autobiography, more properly entitled, "The Memoirs of Charles G. Finney," then you will see the hand of the Lord all over this humble man's life.

I agree that his lectures on prevailing prayer and the wisdom it takes to win souls are the most profoundly impacting in addition to actually doing what the "soften your heart" Lecture III does to you when you do what it (and Hosea 10:12) says. I have seen permanent fruit in my own life and prayer meetings I have been in when this has been applied.

I would like to say that Keith Green said he was born again again when he applied that Third Lecture and his friends all experienced the same (except his wife who affected another way) if you read his biography No Compromise and many other eminent men of God were deeply impacted and even revolutionized by it according to J. Oswald Sanders who read a lot of bios.

May God richly bless all who seek Him day and night to pour out His Spirit on our poor, lost, deceived nation in danger of the wrath of God.


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