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When a woman struggles with lust, there are virtually no Christian resources to turn to.

I totally agree with you on that point Mary, I even just did an internet search for Christian resources for Woman who struggle with lust and basically found resources for Men not Women. I am sure alot of the info is generic but there is a need that you are definetly addressing here.

here is one encouraging webpage story I found:
[url=]Woman escapes the bonds of lust[/url]

Who typically struggles more with "bigger" or "more worldly" sins, such as lust? Newer Christians.

I think alot of older solid Christians could still find this an area of stumbling, I know there are statistics out there that show that there are many pastors who are falling into pornography online, etc. I remember hearing David Wilkerson share in one of the following 2 sermons how grieved he was to hear so many pastors writing him about this sin destroying there lifes :(
these messages where deliverd by david wilkerson at a pastors conference:
[url=]Zadok and Abaithar Priesthoods - Part 1[/url]
[url=]Zadok and Abaithar Priesthoods - Part 2[/url]

Has anyone tryed out this Christian Pornography Software: [url=]NETACCOUNTABILITY[/url]

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I know that there are struggles for women in this area but from my experience I really see that men today (and probably always) have a bigger battle. My husband used to be addicted to pornography. His Dad kept it in the house, out in the open, ever since he can remember. It has been a HUGE stronghold in Dan's life to overcome. The bad thing is when it becomes a stronghold- it affects everything in your life.

A couple of years ago we read Every Man's Battle by Steve Arterburn. I was completely shocked at how easily some of these guys would get tempted. Lingerie ads in the newspaper?! Come on. A Commercial for women's volleyball?! I don't think many women get turned on by a simple commercial about football or jockey underwear, even.

Men are "visual". It's a proven fact and God must have known what He was doing here (I guess:) And women still may have some trouble with lust but when it comes to men- pornography plays a BIG part in how/whether they can handle these temptations.

Many more men are exposed, tempted, and addicted to pornography than women.

I am so, so grateful for Dan's healing and deliverance from this stronghold. Ironically, my stronghold stemmed out of his. Mine was fitness and my looks. I thought I had to look a certain way so he would be happy and never leave me OR look at anyone else. Praise God we are both FREE!

I do know that Dan did and still does take certain precautions such as taking a different route to go somewhere if he knows there is a store, etc... that is "bad news". When we go to the mall- he walks on the opposite side of the Victoria's Secret side.When he goes out of town- he calls ahead to make sure they don't have any x-rated movies. There aren't many anymore that don't. :(

I feel for anyone who has this problem - or their loved ones.

In His perfect love, Chanin


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Mary, I don't want to down play the temptations that girls have to fight. I just have seen the other side. I thought I knew what lust was- until I saw what some men's lust really is. Once I found out how easily they were stimulated (I hate to say that word) I even started dressing differently- especially at the gym! I never gave it much thought before.

Anyway, I don't want you to think i was downplaying your comments. Women do struggle with lust, too. I do think that most women have NO IDEA the extent of some men's problems with this, though. Many are in denial and some are just naive.

In His love, Chanin


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Hey Chanin -
I know you weren't downplaying my comments. :-) I grew up mostly around guys -- it wasn't until becoming a Christian that I had more than one female friends, and that was only because I realized guy-girl accountability isn't a good idea. Spending all of my social life with guys really shaped a lot of my thinking and how I act, the fact that I like football more than makeup, etc -- I was even bisexual for a time, and it was one more bond for Christ to break after being Saved. It is much easier for them to be triggered, and I see Satan play on that, though walking into an Abercrombie & Fitch (?) store for the first time in a mall a couple months ago and seeing triple-than-life-size posters of topless and tone young men -- girls are definitely starting to be targeted more, too. (They put those guys on the shopping bags of that store, too, by the way, so leaving the store won't let you escape it -- the bags travel with the buyers throughout the mall.)
On another note, I checked out that NetAccountability thing that Greg referenced below -- and it seems like a really awesome program, that can be used for, of course, both guys and girls.

Mary M.

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