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 Searching for Schools of Ministry


I am a young man looking to continue my education as a SOLID school of ministry. I have already completed one year of schooling at a private Christian university but feel there is something a lot better out there as far as preparing myself for the ministry.

Do any of y'all know any schools that are hardcore on godly discipline, teach biblical truth, and provide a well rounded education?


I Pet 4:2


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 Re: Searching for Schools of Ministry

I have a couple of young friends attending the Mount Zion School of Ministry (part of David Wilkerson's, Times Square Church) They have been very blessed and challenged thus far

If you want to check it out - God Bless You


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The school with the best results I've seen is Bush University. I believe Moses was the first to go there. Leonard Ravenhill also said that is where he attended. 8-)

Josh Parsley

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preach parsley!
"Bible school is not what is going to make you who you are in God, character and time with Jesus is what will make you who you are in God"-
David Hogan ( dead rasing preacher man in Mexico)

I'm not against Bible Schools...I'm just not for them either.

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 Re: Searching for Schools of Ministry

I highly enjoyed my education at Lee University's Charlotte Center. is the main campus web site in Cleveland, TN. However, I went to their satellite campus in Charlotte. Dr Tatum, the director of the school and one of the primary bible teachers, is perhaps the godliest man I have personally known to date.

Jimmy H

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 Re: Searching for Schools of Ministry

Now after a BA witha double major in Biblical Studies and Ministry and a MA in Theological Studies I can confidently assert that the Best Bible and Ministry school I ever atteneded was my pastoral study and my own expereince.

I have learned more in both of them than i ever learned in formal education. The only difference is that when I write books (someday) people have to listen that are scholars. Sometimes the sheepskin helps in ministry or at least to open doors. If you do not need the formal education just the practical then I recommend that you set aside a time each day for Bible study and get involved in ministry in church. If you need the formal than irecommend the following.

1) First attend the Institute of the Burning Bush -- learn to pray.
2) The find a College where they are not ashamed to have the word "Bible' in their name. Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, ND for me. I just get sick of colleges that take the word Bible out to be less offensive.
3) Be involved with practical disciplesip groups on the side.
4) Keep attending the Institute of the Burning Bush for the rest of your days.

Alway remember -- education is a tool -- if you are not going ot use the tool for what God has called you to them don't waste time with it.


Ed Raby

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