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 Go to to read Finney's Materials Free online

Finney's autobiography is more appropriately entitled, "The Memoirs of Charles Finney," and it talks about the revivals he was in and defends some of the things that happened in them from something that had been spread abroad negatively about them by some biographies of two dead men, Mr. Nettleton and Dr. Beecher. The book is riveting, Spirit-filled and deeply impacting. If you can find one edited by Richard Dupuis it is filled with scholarly commentary and endorsed on the back by no less than Billy Graham.

At you can find some biographies and others pieces of work he put togeter. I first heard about Lectures on Revival in Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders, who wrote, "as I read the biographies of eminent men I am impressed by one book that leads men to a crises in their ministry and then to a revolution. That book is Lectures on Revival by Charles Finney."

I could go on to brag on the book, but I will say this, Keith Green said he was "born again, again."

Praise God He spoke through Finney and used the meager efforts of a man who knew no short hand to spread this message.

I am a real Finney fan

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 Re: Go to to read Finney's Materials Free online

Welcome to SermonIndex, I am glad that you found this resource. If you haven't yet I really encourage you to check out this sermon by paris reidhead: Ten Shekels and a Shirt.

God Bless you and may you grow in the grace and knoweldge of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you have any questions let me know.

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 Re: Finney

Here is something that may be of interest to you as well. A brother here also putting forth a great effort in this regard;

[url=]"Revivals of Religion" Lectures by Charles G. Finney[/url]

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