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 No church on Christmas at some mega churches

Last week someone wrote that some of the mega churches weren't having church today.

Christmas is a normal family day, but in the trucking industry some people don't get home and are at a truck stop. Sometimes there are people who don't have any family to go back to and other times they just can't make it home. These people are alone today and there thoughts often go back to when they did have a family. Some of them remember going to church with that family as a child, others have only been in a church for something like weddings or maybe a funeral. Today is the day one or two of them might walk into a Trucking Ministry Chapel. This is why you go to church on Christmas morning. Maybe just one will be there and maybe this is the day that one person will hear God's Word and be born again.

Maybe you are just like the driver who is all alone today with a background that is much like this stated above. Maybe you have no one and have memories of a past family life at Christmas. I sure hope you can find a little chapel today. There will probably be only two or three there.

In Christ,

Gary Eckenroth

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 Re: No church on Christmas at some mega churches

Just one more proof that the mega church isn't about the gospel -- it is about a personally convenient faith. Going to church on Christmas would be personally inconvenient -- one more thing on a busy day -- so we are not going to burden the people with one more thing.

I hear you -- Perry is kind of truck stop town. I tihnk I am the only church in town though who is having a service today. The two big churches in town had their service last night. are you telling me they do not have enough people that would show up today to have a service? I don't have enough money to advertise were having service today, but we are -- 11am. I am praying that someone will be drawn by the Holy Spirit today and find salvation.


Ed Raby

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Sir_Edward wrote:
Just one more proof that the mega church isn't about the gospel -- it is about a personally convenient faith.

No big deal here, I attend Lakewood in Houston on Saturday night always have, but this was a good opportunity to pounce on the mega Churches again I guess. :-(


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