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The Netherlands


I was about to type "I hope I won't live to see this day.."
But I better not do that. :-(

CdnRic wrote:
Next we'll see versions where sin is entirely removed and replaced by rules for good citizenship.

Jonathan Veldhuis

 2005/12/26 17:10Profile

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Kalispell Montana USA

 Re: Good As New Bible

I have been passing out copies of the article on the 'good as new bible' for some time. Everyone seems quite disgusted; what I don't understand is the way all these other corrupted versions (N,I,V., N.A.S.V, Message, Amplified, N.R.S.V., etc.) are so easily accepted.

I have put together a book which examines 491 of the thousands of corrupting changes to the modern bibles. It is an easy to use 160 page guide that clearly shows where the changes are, and how they affect the teachings of the Scriptures. The book is FREE for the asking. If you are interested send a request to:

True Witness Press
P. O. Box 5519
Kalispell, MT. 59903

Ask for 'Is the Bible you read: The True Sayings of God?'

We also have a booklet (Escape or Passover: What does the Bible really teach about the 'Rapture"?) that examines nearly 100 passages of Scripture concerning the return of the Lord and the catching away of the Church. This booklet answers the question: Will there be a 'rapture' before the time of Great Tribulation?

There is NOT going to be any 'pre-trib' rapture; this is a man-made myth; and all those who teach this deception will stand before God as a false witness.
This booklet is also FREE for the asking!
May the Lord Bless all who love the truth. Jesus is KING!

Paul Benson

 2005/12/26 20:30Profile

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 Re: PaulBenson

There's varying beliefs on "pre-trib", "post-trib", "mid-trib" raptures. Maybe you could start another column telling about your beliefs in this, and why there is no pre-trib rapture, as you say.

Grace and Peace...

 2005/12/27 15:17Profile

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Gonzales, La

 Re: Good As New Bible

s this for real? Are there actually versions this perverted?

Sad to say yes...

Apparently the admonishing and warnings regarding the adding to and deleting from, given in scripture (like in last book of Revalations) has become of no consequence in the worlds eyes. A total disregard for the Word(s) of God. A total depravity. This Bible and 1 0r 2 others have an alterior purpose. Simple language changes for clarity, deeper scriptural analysis and inplying a clearer meaning (for stronger reiteration) are one thing but these newer translations seem to COMPLETELY ALTER the Word and it's intent/content.

God have mercy on them.

Mike Androne

 2005/12/27 16:13Profile


Before the world's eyes - for the world considers such "archbishops" part of the Body of Christ - such mistranslations only indicate problems and inconsistencies within the Church (which is what the world wants to hear). It surely saddens me to learn of the occurrence of biblical perversions, yet many these days take freedom of speech and deed as [i]freedom from Divine judgment[/i]. And, little by little, it just becomes "normal" - amidst another gruesome murder, or another unscrupulous blasphemy, etc. - and thus infiltrates the culture, desensitizing the sinner (and we [i]all[/i] sin!) and making him/her feel comfortable in the mire.

God be with us in these serious times,

 2005/12/29 12:54

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