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great testimonies..........

Glory be to our God who works such great things in us men and women.

All the Glory be to our God.

God bless u all! Let us therefore do likewise......

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Nottingham, England


Whilst these testimonies of these heros of the faith, if you like, are great examples, how would we fare in being falsely accused? Would we keep silent, or would we fight vigourously to defend ourselves? As it says in Isaiah 53 like a sheep before it's shearers He opened not his mouth. Can we be like that? Let it be our goal. God bless.

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Does anyone remember another person like that?

There are times in the Bible that Jesus Himself simply walked away from an argument.

Proverbs 26:4 - 'Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.'

The question is, do you care so little about what man thinks of you, that you could walk away even whilst being called a 'chicken,' or something of that effect?

Heavenly Father, teach us humility please!

 2006/7/16 12:09

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New Jersey

 Re: Martha ravenhill, Leonards wife...

What did Martha die of in 2001?


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