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 Our Christian response to sin

Hi all,

In light of the recent news in the UK (i.e., gay civil unions), I was wanting to start a discussion about the Christian response towards sinful activities. Obviously, we are opposed to any and all sinful activities, but how should we respond to the news out of the UK.

Should we do as some Christians have done and protest the people as they go to their "civil union" ceremonies...telling them about how evil they are and that God's judgement is coming.


Should we sit back and do nothing and say to ourselves, "The world sure is vile and full of sin as we knew it would be...oh well..."


Should we address the root cause of sin instead of the manifestation of it in lifestyle. In other words: focus on the sinful nature of all lost people and address that they are all slaves to sin and stop judging the lost according to whichever particular sin they choose to manifest


(insert your opinion here)

Thanks and God Bless

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 Re: Our Christian response to sin


Become more Christ-like and truly repesent the name of Christ so when we walk and live our lifes that are against sin and its evils then peoples hearts will melt and realize there is a living God that is Holy and His followers can be holy. The lifes of Christians need to make the world ashamed.. or angry at the holiness.

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I like the first one and Greg's. Remember eph 5:11 "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them".

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 Re: Our Christian response to sin

i like greg's and would like to add prayer...lots of prayer!


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 Re: Our Christian response to sin

The teachings I remember, we are to be salt and light, we are to do all things in love.
I for one have to take the plank out of my eye before I can see well enough to help anyone.
A Christian Protestor what is that called, An Oxymoron? Did I even spell that right? Oh, well another piece of wood in my life thank God for His Grace.
If Jesus protested anything, it was religious hypocrisy.

What did Christ say? The world would know us by the love we have for each other.

Gay people have to see the Love of Christ before they will accept the teachings, too many well meaning Christians have offered condemnation and worse others have said that the rest of us have it all wrong and practicing gay sex is OK.

What the world hates about sex, Celibacy, Purity, Commitment, Abstention, Wisdom and discipline.

David Michael Paul

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 Re: Our Christian response to sin

What the world hates about sex, Celibacy, Purity, Commitment, Abstention, Wisdom and discipline.

Despite this (hate) there are still many people looking for a way to reconcile their own need for sexual expression, with personal integrity and peace with God.

Don't give up on the individuals you meet, just because they are doing what the rest of their generation is doing - or, if they're older, have abandoned what their generation [i]didn't[/i] do - in the mistaken belief that God doesn't mind. Tell them the truth ..... that God [i]does[/i] mind, but He has a workable strategy within which they can have both sexual expression and personal integrity [i]and[/i] unload all their baggage from the past.

Some will listen and some will embrace the gospel. Give them a chance. :-)

 2005/12/24 8:50

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