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Doesn't this cut both ways? Or is that what you meant?

It does...I was stating it as a consequence, trying to avoid cheering or booing. My children attend public schools, but I realize they can because we live in a one stoplight town far from the political battles of the city schools. I believe public schools in small towns can provide excellent education. Yet my wife and I are a weekly presence in the halls of every building our children have to walk in. We let the teachers and principles know we care. We have a connection to the quality people working in our schools...but perhaps if we were in a larger system our involvement would be of little value.

What irritates me is when politicians and left wingers invoke "separation of church and state" regarding public community schools. Since when were my children considered part of the state? :-?

As we say in America..."Them fightin' words!"


Mike Compton

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Another tidbit of historical information. ID has its basis in the Design Argument, one of the five classical proofs of God's existence. So its history goes all the way back to Thomas Aquinas (13th century), whose work is based on Aristotle.

However, research on ID is still at a very early stage. As William Dembski (mathematician and ID proponent) had noted, for ID to gain academic respectability, a lot more work has to be done - we need more top-notch scientists who are Christians to contribute academically.

(We have made quite a lot of progress over the decades. For instance, [b]Antony Flew[/b], a key atheist and philosopher for fifty years, have turned to deism, acknowledging the case for the existence of God is much stronger than he thought many years ago. He attributed his change of mind to the efforts of [b]Christian philosophers[/b] such as Richard Swinburne, Alvin Platinga, William Lane Craig, JP Moreland, Gabermas, etc., who have established themselves as extremely and professing Christians in the field of philosophy. We need similar advances in science!)

I am also concerned about how the ID agenda is being pushed at school boards. If we play along with the power game, vying for political power, we might lost sight of the real goal of ID -- a love for the truth and the belief that if atheistic presuppositions are removed, it is possible to make a strong case for a supreme intelligent being. Our ultimate goal is the truth, not to win a political battle.

Publicity is not always good, as media often manage to twist the efforts of Christians (and those of other faiths!).


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