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 Help again!!!

i recently posted about my sister and new husband being invovlved in a extreme word faith church.
now a new problem has arised. It came out the other day that he has been beating her up. she left home and has gone for help, but now she is thinking that she should go back. and they are going for "counsell" at there church, but i dont trust this church a all. any advice?

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 Re: Help again!!!

Is that name it and claim it group?

David Michael Paul

 2005/12/21 11:20Profile

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 Re: Help again!!!

Fast, pray and dont stop untill you have peace from God that things will be ok.
I will pray for you today also.

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 Re: Help again!!!

Sj's advice is good and i will join him in prayer. You can also inform the authorities of the abuse. In most states i beleive they will prosecute even if she does not want to. Ethically speaking the minister should turn him in to but i owuldn't hold my breath.

Blessings and my prayers are with you.

Ed Raby

 2005/12/21 15:00Profile

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