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arbustum... good word, and I dont necessarily disagree with what you have said.

However, at the same time, we are not free to worship God as [b]we[/b] see fit. We are free to worship Him as [b]He[/b] sees fit.

Example... Cain & Abel. Abel worshipped God as God wanted Him to. Cain worshipped God, but as [b]he[/b] wanted to, not as God wanted him to.

In Cain's heart I think he sincerely was worshipping God... yet God rejected his offering because it was not what God wanted Him to do. It was disobedience.

To obey is better than sacrifice.

And I am not against all modern forms of worship, ok? But I think a lot of it goes way too far and is actually a stench in the nostrils of God.


 2007/3/28 9:19


the way i see it isin this quote by a man named Dr. Johnson: God himself sir, does not propose to judge man until the end of his days."

God has a long history of judging people before the end of their days, many a time ending their days through his judgement.

We are also called to judge those in the church, those who profess to be serving Christ. (1 Corinthians 5).

In Christ - Jim

 2007/3/28 9:35


Uhmm... yep. I agree. Look at the life of King David. A man after God's own heart, yet judged and punished for his affair/murder. David said his sin was before his eyes all his days, meaning he paid dearly for it. That is God's judgement before the end of his days.

Whoever Dr. Johnson is, I would recommend you not pay much attention to him [b]if[/b] this is, in fact, his view of God and scripture.


 2007/3/28 10:43

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Melbourne, Australia

 Re: For More Teens, Jesus Is Way Cool


sermonindex wrote:
At least 80 percent of U.S. teens between the ages of 13 and 17 identify themselves as religious, with the majority identifying as Christian, according to the National Study on Youth and Religion, a six-year project funded by the Lilly Endowment.

Does anyone stop to think that perhaps the next wave of persecutors are being raised up for the West? Today I had a discussion with a guy, who identifies himself as a Greek Orthodox Christian. Our discussion bent itself towards how "the muslims have got it all wrong about God" (his words). The basis of his comments was that they didn't belive in "name day and Easter". I told him that their are alot worse problems than Islam, in our country, meaning sinfulness amongst believers (although not saying it directly). He had no answer as to what God required of him, when I asked.

Earlier, when he commented that he couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't want to believe in God, I asked him what he thought God would say if He walked into his establishment (he operates one of many takeaway food shops in a factory area in Melbourne) and saw the pornographic magazines that he was selling? Again no answer. Mind you, he has much to say about what everyone else is doing wrong.

The thing is, on top of all this, he has some very definite opinions which are subtly antisemetic. When I see this man, in particular, I can understand how Hitler could persuade the majority of chritendom, in his nation, to reject the Jews, and discard half of the Bible, in favour of an Aryan eugenic delusion.

Andrew strom made comments about the Tornoto Blessing being sent by God to test His porphets. The observation was made, that the Vineyard movemnt ushered it in, and "prophets"[sic] spread it, and now most of the Vineyard has rejected it, while the "prophets"[sic] contiue in it, adding increasing delusional fads, from gold dust, to angelic visitations, amongst other things.

Look at the fads of "sword weilding" and "cape wearing", for example, that was big in the late 90s, and then listen to the vocabulary, which gathers momentum, as the next "prophet"[sic] has a greater "revelation"[sic]. It gets hard and harder to understand what they are going on about, as they refer to "new levels" and "double portions", taking these supposed "Biblical terms" and reducing them down to heretical statements, that all but totally ignore context.

And what is the result? A new wave of "super Christians"[sic] who know nothing of regeneration, with their eyes firmly fixed on the ministries of men. Doesn't this remind anyone of the state of the church, leading into the dark ages? And don't forget that the greatest enemy of the Church was...well, "the church"[sic].

This is why I raise again the question that my post started with:
[b]Does anyone stop to think that perhaps the next wave of persecutors are being raised up for the West?[/b]

By the way, , here is a link to an Australian equivilent to this article:
[url=,23739,20779864-5007190,00.html]New wave of cool[/url]

Aaron Ireland

 2007/3/28 11:24Profile

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Seems like another instance of where we are in danger of being carried off by our reactions to the errors and ungodliness of the day.

"Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart: So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man." -Proverbs 3:3-4

As I understand it, a ship may capsize in either direction, left or right.

And we can make an idol of any of God's attributes, not only His love.


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2007/3/30 6:19Profile

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Sydney Australia


Awww guys!

you know better than that.

God's endorsing the correct attitude, the proper principals to go about life in. its about the responsible attitude and the correct choice to make. take the parable of the talents for example. where one takes the 5 and comes back with 10, another takes the 3 and comes back with 6. they chose to invest and see the fruit of their choices in a beneficial way. the one with a single talent chose to despite the market bury his chances, bury his ambition, bury his opportunity and sacrifice the opportuinty to reap further down the track. it was obviously an opportune time in the market to invest as the others made double what they had.. not just one of them but both of them...

meanwhile we're debating whether God holds people to the little things they do as they do them when we also proclaim that Jesus paid for that kind of stuff and took it all into account when he hung there, nails through his arms and feet and saw your life and each sin you would commit before and after you got to know him for who he is.

suffice to say -yes in the Old Testament, people were judged before the end of their time. it was the way the old covenant worked. many came to a short and swift end because they refused to repent and were struck down on the spot *smite* *smite* *smite* but since the new covenant that Jesus kinda rectified, we are now given the course of our life and face the judgement seat at the end of our time, where we will be cast into hell or withheld in Heaven. well atleast, not untill the second coming...

meanwhile we have a lot of people in this world that will attach a name to themselves... though how many of you know what your "christian name" actually means off by heart? Mine's Holly and it's got no other reference than to a shrubbery.

but names like Aidan and Claire and Margaret and Stanley? what do they mean? (dont really need to know) but my point is... there is a lot more to a name than is given for the sake of having... still whats among the most common reason a child is named as they are? because the parents thought it sounded cool at the time. people will assume names as they have been conditioned to accept in their lives, or as they themselves condition themselves to want to adopt and not always for how deeply they can then represent themselves in a single word. i dont believe that people mean to harm Christianity by calling themselves christian then rebelling against the truth of it. i honestly believe they are just hurting and confused and really didnt give the concept of 'christian' much thought.

Guys what you tolerate does not make you any less of a christian... it does mean that you are accepting more negativity and more ungodly stuff into your life yes. but if all we did was spray Hospital grade disifectant about our homes and make all the germs go away... we wouldnt be able to live past the front door and we're no good staying cooped up where its all kootsy-coo safe. you need a bit of relevance to reach the lost hurt and dying. please try and open your hearts. i implore you to. this coming from someone who only found jesus because one friend did exactly that.


 2007/4/2 8:30Profile

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