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I am using this forum for this topic because this is the most active forum.

Can we just band together to pray? I don't think there's anything else that's going to solve this country's crisis... if we don't band together sisters and brothers we will not see revival. Drugs, alcohol, adultery, partying & clubbing, pornography, fornication, divorce: this country is going to Hell!

No, the internet will not suffice. We need to meet face to face and weep before the God Almighty together for this country that God would rend the heavens!

I ask you, was not this ministry started for the purpose of revival? What has it done so far? Yes, it's encouraged people very much. The sermons are great, but they are oh so limited. Nothing will happen until we really get together. What is the point of anything else? Seriously, is there any point to anything else but God's glory being spread?

You know, if I had a car (I am only but a minor), I would be on my way to each of your houses to each of you that are praying for revival to pray with you! We need this more than anything. Oh but dear people it's so hard in this day and age to meet people who are seeking God and His glory FIRST!

Was not, though, Pentecost built upon corporate prayer? And you had each Christian together: the women, youth, and men. You know, they put aside all of their business.. if they had a job, they put it aside. Their friends (worldly), aside. They probably had quit their jobs already, but the point still stands. If we want revival it's going to take our lives! I mean that! I know some of you may have families, and so you are more chained down to your job and where you live. Some of you are in college, and are chained down to where you go to school. Oh we could list a huge list of excuses, but it won't cut it. It's going to take some major sacrificing if we want God to move!

I may be alone in this but I just can't find anywhere around me to find people to pray with! What a tragedy! Most Christians I have talked with don't see a need for revival. I don't understand it! Their all asleep though!

You know, it seems sometimes on this forum that we seem to argue or 'debate' over issues in the church and whatnot, constantly. But it seems so unhealthy. I mean, at least compared to the mission of this ministry.

So I ask you all to pray about this. I am not supposing you all quit your jobs and whatnot like that, I am only saying that if you want revival, it's going to cost you your life and all of the entertainment that you have in it and supply yourself with. I have been guilty of this though, I must admit. Television, even books can just zip you away into another world. Anything that just takes your focus away from God is something we need to denounce. Is this too radical? Yeah, it is. It's too radical for mostly everyone, and that's why we don't got revival. I don't claim to be mature in the Faith, but I do claim to have a desire to see God's glory spread throughout this country and world for that matter!

And, I'd like to say another thing. I believe when or if we get together, any of us, we need to meet and pray, and then if the Lord leads us to, I believe that we should then go out into the streets and proclaim Christ and him crucified so we can as Ian Paisley said, "put some feet to those prayers"!

It's not only a matter if getting together to pray, it's getting together to preach as well! Two-fold! You put the two of them together and we can we turn the world up-side down I promise you!

 2005/12/12 20:52

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 Re: Revival?


Thank you for sharing these passionate words. I am definetly wanting to get a prayer movement and intiative mobilized. I am working on a new section on this website that people can signup to host prayer meetings all over america and the world. I am hoping to have a map on the site for people to signup. May hope is to have 100's and 1000's of prayer meetings started praying for specifically revival. Oh God send it.

Stay tuned on the site for this addition brother and thank you for posting your concerns and urgency it is wonderful to read.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Revival?

Revival has begun! It's not the revival that the church is expecting, but it's happening all across God's invisable church. It's men and women who have heard the call to come out from among them!! It has begun! I believe it with all my heart. Absolutely we need to be on our faces for this country and for the sleeping bride of Chirst!!! I would love to get together with other brothers and sisters with the same burden to pray.


 2005/12/14 0:15Profile

 Re: Revival

I had my dad make a copy of the Revival Hymn and he's sending it to me in the mail.He gave one to his pator in Georgia.The Lord is really putting a burden in my heart for revival.

I saw a local pastor at work yesterday.He's got the biggest church in this area.He approached me to ask me where something was and he just looked so tired and empty and Ive been so burdened for him that Im going to spend all day in prayer.

I plan on making a bunch of copies of the revival hymn and passing them out to local pastors.Especially this pastor.

We really need to pray.If we don't have a burden somethings wrong.Where much has been given, much is required.If you don't share what God has given you than He will even take away that which you have.

The truth is that we probably don't care much about revival because were so comfortable in America.The Lord has been telling me, "You say you want revival but how much do you pray for it?"

I don't believe its by accident I saw that man.I was in the back corner of the store.Im surprised he saw me.

Anyway, I plan on spending alot more time on my knees.I can't get that pastors face out of my mind.

James 4:17 He that knows to do good and does it not to him it is sin.

 2006/1/6 11:26

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Thank you for this thread.

I pray that we count the cost of revival. It's going to cost us everything our time, our money, all of the things connected to self. I pray that revival comes in 2006.

Thank you again for the encouraging word.

Philippians 3:8 Yea doubtless, and I count all things [but] loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them [but] dung, that I may win Christ,

Ed Pugh

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I share your burden for the church and for this country. I've been reading alot about revival and I'm convinced that we are on the verge. I believe your heart and the others who have expressed the same concern, is just the beginning signs of revival. We have to come together and pray!! Pray, pray, pray!! Every TRUE revival has been birthed ONLY in burdened prayer.

Through out the year, Times Square Church will set time aside for fasting and prayer. Maybe this church body her a SI could do the same. Perhaps we can set apart a few days together as a body to pray and fast. Not only for this body, but for this country and specifically for revival! What do you think??


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amen!!! ;-)

Bob Barber

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I agree we need to pray.Maybe someone can come up with an idea.I will be sure to pray about what we as a body of believers can do.

I think one of the things we really need to do is pray for the laborers.We could start by praying for all of these open-air preachers and everyone on this websight.Let's pray for souls to be saved.Let's pray for a burden for revival and the rest I believe will come.

I believe it begins with ourselves.The question is do we really want revival?If the only thing we can do is pray than we should.Whatever God leads us to do like giving a copy of the revival hymn to a local pastor.

Revival starts originally when there is first a burden.

I know what I am committed to do and that is when Im not at work or busy at home I am going to be praying and fasting.Im commited 24/7!!!

 2006/1/6 13:50


My dad goes to a really big pentecostal church in Georgia and the pastor is going to play the Revival Hymn for the congregation!My dad said that he really liked it.

 2006/1/28 23:31

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Through out the year, Times Square Church will set time aside for fasting and prayer. Maybe this church body her a SI could do the same. Perhaps we can set apart a few days together as a body to pray and fast. Not only for this body, but for this country and specifically for revival! What do you think??

We did join up I believe last year or the year prior with TSC in just this fashion. We should do this again, absolutely.

Give this a listen or a viewing if you get a chance. We are in desperate need...

[url=] Revival Forum - Panel Discussion by Revival Forum 89[/url]

Mike Balog

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