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 Deliverance of Power

Good quotes from Paris Reidhead's, "Deliverance of Power":

“He didn’t die to help me to do something that He knew I couldn’t do. He died to do something and to be something to me that He knew I could never be.” - Paris Reidhead

“Who shall deliver me from the tyranny of my trait? Who shall deliver me from the despotism of my disposition …You see, I was praying, ‘Oh God help, help me not to be critical … help me not to be sarcastic…’ God couldn’t answer to that prayer. If He did, He would have to … overthrow the whole foundation of government. The Lord Jesus Christ didn’t die to help me. He died knowing I couldn’t do it… He didn’t die to help me do it. He died so that I could come to the place {where} I’d let Him do it for me. You see, He’s everything that I’m not and all I have to bring Him when I come to Him is an honest recognition that I’m not and He is and I don’t have and He has … The answer to the despotism of your trait and disposition is not in self hypnotism, it’s not in some kind of a evangelical {slogan} ‘I’m getting every day and every way, I’m getting better and better.’ … It’s from a frank, open, admission that in me, in my flesh, dwelleth no good thing.” - Paris Reidhead

Praise the Lord!!

=) Maria


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 Re: Deliverance of Power

wow those are some powerful truths. I might seem weird to some evangelical christians reading them. Listen to sermons by Paris Reidhead to get a very concise understanding of salvation in Jesus Christ. Note: A.W. tozer knew Paris reidhead quite well as far as I know.

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