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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : lukewarm

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I am asking for prayer and support in regards to idleness and my shameful self-gratification. It's a big struggle with me, but I know with God's help I can overcome it - now if only I could stay dedicated.

message me if you want specifics.



 2005/12/10 0:19Profile

 Re: lukewarm

now if only I could stay dedicated.

Dear Sol,

If your heart is in [i]overcoming[/i], you [i]will[/i] overcome, with the Lord's help.

It's important not to have what I call a [i]broken diet[/i] attitude to failure...... meaning, if you fail once (today - or tomorrow, for instance) [i]that[/i] somehow entitles you (now) to go on failing for the rest of that day, taking the attitude that you've [i][b]soo[/b][/i] failed, there is no point in arresting the failure while it is 'today' .....

I think it helps to think of oneself as a child, (of God) because somehow it lessens one's expectations of oneself..... we know children don't always get things right the first time they try them, and a great deal [i]more[/i] attention from a parent is required, if a child's [i]bad[/i] habits are to be addressed successfully. The parent is quickly pleased with progress of any sort - a change of attitude, a behaviour happening less often, a reduction in the extent to which something happens - you get my meaning...... In the end, you, personally, need to have claimed every inch of your victories yourself. If you're serious about this, you will learn to pray yourself through the triumphs and the failures, until the triumphs outweigh the failures and eventually there are only truimphs. AMEN! And praise the Lord! (I will be praying.)

 2005/12/10 3:08

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