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 Silence is Golden

What if we didn't have a TV, we cancelled our newspaper, sold our Computers, got away from the internet, got rid of all sources of media influence especially Christian, what kind of a mind set would we have?

Now think about it.

I did this for a month, I had no care what was going on in the world. God had me ministering to and fro. My mind was stayed upon Him, it didn't matter what was going on.

So I ask, what difference does it make if we know what the world is doing?

Jesus even said, "I pray NOT for the world, but those you have given me"

I read alot of profitless pittiful posts here on SermonIndex and most of it is unedifying. The knowledge given only expands my knowledge of what the world is doing, but where is the understanding, where is wisdom?

You can wrangle and debate amongst yourselves about homosexuality or lust and all the evils this world does, but let me remind you that "Romans 5:6 For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly."

Does anyone have ears to hear, or have we heard it so much and read it so much that we have become dull of hearing.

God loved me when I was a rotten sticking cesspool of filth, at the right time He sent Christ to die for me, because God loved me, even in the state that I was. How much more for this world that is in darkness?

There are scores of people that have not heard the true gospel, I am not talking about this gospel that is being preached today, but the everlasting gospel that will change a man, and not hear another gospel that causes him to compromise.

No wonder the world laughs us to scorn, we are not together, "by this shall ALL men know that you are MY desciples, that you have love one to another".

The world does not see this promise, it sees moral failure, it sees hyprocrisy, it sees ministers bound by the same thing they are bound with. They see Christians taking Christians to court, they see hate and not love.

But the proud arrogant christian will stand up and say, and say and say and say, but refuses to do do do do and do.

Our place today is not to stand but our place is on our knees beating upon our chest saying, LORD I have failed and I can't live this christian life, I am so religious, I am so full of myself, I am selfish, I can't stand myself. I had a little bit of truth, and I ran with that clobbering those who did not line up to what I knew.

If we truly loved, we would learn to be an intercessor.

Jesus spent all night interceeding for the people. Moses spent 80 days on a mountain praying and fasting interceeding for the people.

How many would love to see America fall because of her wickedness?

How many would give themselves up to interceed for America?

Or shall we pray to the LORD to send down fire from heaven and consume our enemies?

Lets not be found fools in our zeal for the LORD, not all things that look good is from God.


 2005/12/6 16:35

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 Re: Silence is Golden

Thank you so much! I completly agree with you. I haven't watched TV in a year and a half- my husband is always on the computer and the only Christian media I partake of are from the old guys I have found on this site. And of course, the best book of all... the B I B L E yes that's the book for me :-)
I just became born again in June 2004. I was so clueless as to what it really meant to be a Christian. But as i read my Bible more and more, wow!I actually met Jesus!! Everything else has faded away and I am so glad and I would have it no other way. The Lord has given me eyes to see and ears to hear! Thank You Jesus!!!!
Our place today is not to stand but our place is on our knees beating upon our chest saying, LORD I have failed and I can't live this christian life, I am so religious, I am so full of myself, I am selfish, I can't stand myself.

This is so true. In my experience I have found that if we are truly HONEST with our Precious Savior and tell Him our faults- no matter how horrid they are, He will forgive us and lift us up! Maybe I am telling you all something you already know, but to me this is just amazing and the best thing ever! His Love is so powerful and is filled with healing for our spirits and to be able to honestly talk to Him and admit our sin, even when it is so hard, He will heal and forgive. He loves us so!! It is the best thing in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!

You are right, healing waters, let's do, do , do!Let's pray for our brothers and sisters and pray for our nation-
Jesus said if we love Him we will keep His commands.
Jn 14:15 "If ye love me, keep my commandments"

Jn 15:12 "This is my commandment, That ye love one another as I have loved you."

I completly agree with you and I honestly believe you cannot get to know the Lord with the TV on. You cannot fall in love with the Lord and get to know Him with all of this other stuff in the way. It really has to be 100%.

God Bless you all!!


Mary Beth Ersig

 2005/12/6 19:09Profile

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Thank you Karl,

My fear is that I and this forum point what is going on in the world and fail to allow the Holy Spirit to search our own hearts and deal with the sin to its root.

This scripture came to mind. Ecc 7:5 [It is] better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.

Do I want personally want God to destroy America? No, how could anyone ask for that. I ask for judgment unto repentance, which I believe is scriptural. Yet judgment begins in the house of God so if I'm truly following Jesus it's going to begin in my heart and your heart.

I've been guilty of not prayerfully pondering over posts and your post is driving me back to the prayer closet. Surely God is looking for intercessors in this season but there aren't many to be found. Eze 22:30 And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.

From what I'm understanding in the spirit, the life that Rees Howells led should be the normal Christian life and he was a true intercessor.

Perhaps it's time for me to leave again?? Thank you brother...

Ed Pugh

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 Re: Silence is Golden

Hi Healingwaters...!

This post is quite convicting! Sometimes, we forget that if we are just hearers of the Word (and not doers) -- then we are [u]deceived[/u] (James 1:22). We should work tireless for the Lord!

However, there are some "doers" of the Word who have unfortunately lost their passion, yet continue to work for the Lord. David Wilkerson, in his message "[i]Holy Ground[/i]" (available here on SermonIndex), speaks of a minister of one of the largest Churches in America. This minister was doing "great things" for God -- [i]but had not prayed in over a [u]year[/u][/i]! Such ministers have become [i]spiritual "robots"[/i], having works -- but no heart.

I remember hearing about a missionary who worked in India many years ago. This missionary faced great opposition -- including many physical threats to himself and his wife. There was disease, famine and drought. But when asked if he had any fears, he said that his greatest fear was the thought of losing his fire and passion for God.

I agree that, on occassion, some people seem to "camp out" in the forums. They participate and argue in many discussions, and often become offended by some of the disagreements. However, we are all at various stages of spiritual maturity. We should use patience and gentleness with those whom we fellowship.

But we should also refrain from judging those that visit -- and even debate in -- the forums. Some participate in the forums with an eagerness to learn. Many of us also work diligently for the Lord; however, we do not advertise our works here. Our time of prayer and intercession is [i]secret time[/i], and doesn't necessitate mention.

May we be encouraged to continue interceding for our nation and its leaders. May true revival come to our land!



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 Re: Silence and the muck

On the other hand...

I read alot of profitless pittiful posts here on SermonIndex and most of it is unedifying. The knowledge given only expands my knowledge of what the world is doing, but where is the understanding, where is wisdom?

There is a lot of very edifying, encouraging, thoughtful, contemplative things to read, to share, to be challenged by. There is a lot of growth and a lot of heart. A lot of help. A lot of discipleship going on. A lot of revelation and a lot of love and fellowship. A lot of opportunity to pray and be prayed for.

You most certainly can find what you might be looking for and surprised by just how true "Judging a book by it's cover" can be misleading. Some post titles might make one think, "Oh brother, here we go again" but quite often have found many a surprise as things develop. To be redundant, there are some things that take time to contemplate and even read because of the length and many a good sentiment can be lost due to that, it just takes time and often we may be in to much of a rush to take that time.

There is without a doubt a whole lot of reason for getting away from things as we each would likely know if we were perhaps even more contemplative and prayerful.

Another perspective. It can be a lot of work to hang in there and try and work through things with all the saints that come through here. Various backgrounds and upbringings, different perspectives and longevity in this walk. Think it can be just as easy to bail out on something just because it is difficult as it is to hang in there and get all muddy and dirty, let your heart be broken over things, weep with those who weep, press on and deal with our own noticeable reflections as if in a mirror, make amends and corrections, forgiveness.

Too far afield from the expressed sentiment? Just to bring a balance here. What goes on here is unorthodox certainly and is not a replacement for anything, but it is also just what it is, a place where there is a vast variety and a wealth of Christian thought. I think one could gain not only a incredible knowledge of the 'things' of the Lord (as seemingly crass as that sounds) but the heart of the Lord in His people, in past history, in the inheritance left to us, in spirit, in truth. This could be the greatest 'seminary' on the planet for it doesn't just deal with head knowledge but profound heart knowledge and last of all it is entirely [i]free[/i].

Free to use, free to express, free to come and go as one pleases. It is a wonderful, blessed and incredible thing to behold and to wonder at the blessing on the saints all over the world. Lives have been radically altered through many of these things that go on here, from a message, from a brother\sister, from meeting new saints in the Lord, I truly believe we don't know the half of the half of it all.

Praise God.

Edit: Almost missed the most important mention of all. Intercession. There are some intercessors and this is something that seems to be just a given personally, it bore and grew more and more from just what has come about here in these preceding months. My gratitude to what Greg has done here, the privilege granted to take part in all this, I could never adequately express. My thankfulness for so much, for Gods great mercies and blessings, for the things I have learned, for the deepening of understanding of just who He is... I have learned a deeper love for the Lord through all this that just escapes articulation, I cannot but help try and give back in whatever way, whatever expression that I can, I am compelled to do so with all the fiber of my being. Yes I have a great love for all that goes on here, good, bad, ugly, muddy, bloody, I gladly will jump into the muck to try and be of some help, somehow anytime. The Lord is exalted here.

Mike Balog

 2005/12/6 23:29Profile

 Re: Silence is Golden

Thank you for encouraging my heart Mary, Hab, Mike, it. I often wonder what true fellowship means.

I remember years ago when I was invited to a fellowship gathering in someone's home. I was in a state where my mind was connected to the LORD and was careful not to grieve the Spirit.

As people were gathering together and filling up the livingroom, someone started passing out the topic for that evenings study. I thought at the time that I was in good company, but when I discovered what the topic was, I was grieved and got up and left. The topic of study was what the JW's believed in.

I had been down this road before with talking about other religions and/or cults and all it does is it makes you barren and dry. Jesus even said, "Becareful HOW you hear".

I said all this because of what I said at the beginning, I often wonder what true fellowship is. The breaking of bread, the eating of His flesh and drinking of His blood, partaking of His body the Church is a foriegn concept.

I don't know about you my friends, but my longing is to be one with the body. If you want to go and save souls do it and do it with all your might, but I prefer to stay and strengthen that which remains.

Lets strengthen the body first, then we can add more as the LORD sees fit to do so.

I like what Zac Poonen said once on one of his messages. He started a church, but his church wasn't growing and he asked the LORD if his church was an offence to for the LORD to send anyone too.

I was happy to hear that from this man of God, he was acting like a true pastor. Zac was wondering if he had a too high of a standard that was hindering God from moving to save souls and build the church that God had established for him.

He has a lot of wisdom to share because he seems to have been there and done that, and that is good to know.

Is that possible to come together like that, that we are so careful of not offending our brother with our meat when he can only eat vegetables or milk?

Mike said it perfectly, everyone is at different levels of understanding and growth. And I am glad he said that because I too have come to believe that. It's because of this lack of understanding that those who do not consider this fact cram meat down a childs throat because he can't understand why he can't grow up fast enough.

I was very much like this religous fellow. I found out that I had not grown at all, I had grown in a religious fashion, but not in Christ. I was lacking until the LORD knocked me down, and I realized that I was still much a little child.


 2005/12/6 23:42


My brother Mike, there is absolutely no need to defend This site will defend for itself with all the resources contained in it, no one can dispute that.

I was merely pointing to the endless arguements about nothing and pointless discussions that won't amount to a hill of beans. And there are many of them, and I have contributed to them no doubt.

BUT...and that is a big but, there is much to be encouraged here on this site. If it was all bad, I would not be here, nor would I donate my money, time or fellowship to this site.

No my friend SermonIndex is bigger than you and I, and it doesn't need any defence from us, because you and I both know that this is a work of the LORD.


 2005/12/6 23:50

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Santa Clara, CA

 No offense, nor defense....

Oh, I know brother. It's just my heart, don't know that it was set out to be a defense, but sure it is in some form or fashion. Your own sentiments weren't lost either, perhaps it's in part for everyone else that comes through, that may be unfamiliar with it all.

It's likely pretty well established the rather tedious and unbecoming things, the unruly conduct and fighting and bickering, back-bitting that have had to be addressed, have had a few rants I seem to recall... :-o

Mike Balog

 2005/12/7 0:16Profile

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