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 Re: Healing of Diseases and other Physical Ailments

This can be the hardest of the lessons we learn in life. I believe in all things "He is able". That being said, then we ask why not? HERE are some of my thoughts, readings, and understandings:
Gods’ idea of healing is a saved soul or saving souls, I cannot tell you how many times I have heard of deathbed conversions.
The testimony of a believers suffering with their faith being tested in the fire is VERY POWERFUL and believable and can stand many many years after they go back to the Lord.
Why do we pray? Is it to find God's will or give Him a shopping list and instructions?
Leonard Ravenhill said the greatest temptation for a believer is to come down from the cross once we are up on it. The cross of illness and suffering is one of the hardest to endure, but it is also a very powerful crucible for change.
The suffering of one can touch many people, and how we endure and the hope we have is a powerful witness when tested and lived under such circumstances.
Job said even though He slays me, I would still serve Him.
What better way to hear those precious words, "Well done good and faithful servant"?

David Michael Paul

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