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 The Simple Gospel (compilation)

I just heard this compilation

go to

This sermon here is from Ernest O'Neill

Go here for complete audio

 2005/12/2 21:01

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 Re: The Simple Gospel (compilation)

excellent, thanks for directing us to the full download brother!

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: The Simple Gospel (compilation)

Awesome! :-)

Jonathan Veldhuis

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 Re: The Simple Gospel (compilation)

Very good !! It's always refreshing to hear the simple message of salvation, un-muddied by all the different doctrines which sometimes are so interwoven with the presentation of the case for .... :-)


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 Re: The Simple Gospel (compilation)

I was listening to the complete audio sermon, and it almost sounds like a works-based salvation that's being preached. He says that if all you have is faith that your sins are covered, then you're nothing more than a Jew, for the Jews had faith in God to do that, knowing their sins would be covered. So, I must be sin-free to enter heaven? That's a hard door to pass through...

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 Jesus shall save his people from their sins

This is a quote from The Life That Wins by Watchman Nee

"The Christian Life As Ordained by God

What kind of life should a Christian live according to God's will? This does not refer to a matured Christian, but to each and every born-again believer. By knowing the kind of life one ought to live, he can realize his great lack. Let us look at several passages of Scripture which describe the various facets of this life.

(1) A Life That Is Free from Sins. "She shall bring forth a son; and thou shalt call his name Jesus; for it is he that shall save his people from their sins" (Matt. 1.21). At both Chefoo and Peking, some brothers said to me, "We liked to call Him Christ before, but henceforth we will say Jesus, our Savior." Why is He called Jesus? It is because this name means "He shall save his people from their sins."

You have accepted Jesus as your Savior, and you have received the grace of forgiveness. All this is true, for which you can thank and praise God. But what has Jesus done for you after all? "He shall save his people from their sins." This is ordained by God and accomplished by Jesus. The question now is, are you still living in sins or have you come out of sins? Does your old temper continue to flare up; do your old thoughts continue to trouble you; and has your pride or selfishness remained unchanged? In other words, are you still bound by your sins? Or have you come out completely from them?

I have used the following illustration many times before, but I will use it here once more. A life jacket is different from a lifeboat. When a person falls into the sea, he grasps the life jacket thrown to him. Thus he does not sink; yet he does not get out of the water either. He stays in a condition of neither living nor dying. A lifeboat, though, is something quite different. The person who has fallen into the sea can be drawn out of the water and put into a lifeboat. Similarly speaking, the salvation of our Lord cannot be likened to that of a life jacket but to that of a lifeboat. The Lord will not let you remain in a state of "neither living nor dying"; He will instead save His people from their sins because He has not left us in sins. Hence the salvation spoken of in the Bible is a saving us from sins. Nevertheless, how many of us, though truly still saved, continue to live in sins! Can the Bible be untrue? Certainly not. The Bible is right, whereas our experience is wrong."

So my question is "Are you in the lifeboat or the sea? You can not be in both at the same time.

 2005/12/3 12:22

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