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Hi bubbaguy...

I visited the link for the article that you cited, but the website only contained a biased and unsubstantiated conspiracy theory void of real fact. And the statement that you made about Saddam Hussein being in power [i]because of[/i] former President Bush is [u]not[/u] a fact. Yes, the United States did provide some arms to Hussein during his war against Iran (while the Americans from the U.S. Embassy were held hostage for 444 days). But this took place during the Carter Administration -- a time when Bush was [u]not[/u] the director of the CIA. In fact, Bush served as the director of the CIA for just over 13 months during the Ford Administration -- some time BEFORE Hussein came into power.

While I do not condone war, it can sometimes be justified. Most people recognize that World War II was indeed a "just" war. Could you imagine how different the outcome would have been if the United States had not held an isolationist position for so long? If the United States had intervened earlier, then perhaps there would have been far fewer deaths from the holocaust.

Yes, we are instructed to love our enemies. But we are also instructed to take care of our family (and support our governments). The Bible also tells us that if a man does not take care of the needs of his own household, then he is [i]worse than an infidel[/i]. A pacifist and isolationist position would allow the United States to be conquered by any enemy -- because war would never be an option. A lack of war would be wonderful in an ideal world. But we do not live in such a world.



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and so should we be surprised we (Christians) are not finding godliness in our leaders? I don't think so.....

I'm not sure if Lincoln, Roosevelt, or Churchill could be defined as godly...but at least they were honorable and strong when others around them wanted to buckle. (Sure they had flaws...but they succeeded when it counted.)

There is ALWAYS an alternative to fighting with outward weapons.

Bubbaguy, do these alternatives and inward weapons include creating falsehoods about the President ? The idea that we invaded Iraq for oil is not a's a politically motivated narritive.

I apologize to everyone for being political, but I've noticed an irksome trend...Repentance minded Christians who are angry at America are finding comfort and resonance with liberal and libertarian pundits who are also angry at America.

For the record, I'm not a Republican or arch-conservative...I just know politics when I see them. I didn't appreciate every rumor of murder thrown at Clinton.

It isn't that our leaders are so willing to decieve's that we are so willing to be decieved. I bought into this war for oil rubbish early on. People who know me, know that I am willing to read extensively about a subject to embrace it and I did the same for this one. All I found out there supporting the claim that Bush invaded Iraq for oil is a liberal intepretation...not real documentation.

I've made my complaints about George Bush before, even on this website. Yet it must be said there is too much wild speculation and harmful lies abut his heart motives being spread without due diligence. Goodness gracious, they blamed Katrina on him. It's comical. If the Paris riots had happened in LA, they would have blamed Bush for those as well. (Probably some blog site somewhere has already done it.)

Please don't take my comments personal...I know you have your job to do. Just know that you are going to have to it better if you want to prove these allegations about our President.


Mike Compton

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