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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Iran & Iraq

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 Iran & Iraq

Something God seems to be stirring in our hearts us these two countries and the believers thereof.

I just posted a post and then instantly Mike had posted something about the same country.

I ask Right now in the name of Jesus name that God covers the people in Iraq and Iran, that He encourages all the brothers and sister there.

Father, in YOUR name, touch them with your Holy Touch. Amen.

 2005/12/1 9:26

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 Re: Iran & Iraq

Hello YeshuaIsMyGd...!

I am joining with you in prayer.

I just finished my Graduate thesis on US Foreign Policy concerning Iran. At first, I wanted to focus on religious liberty in the nation. However, my thesis committee redirected me toward an analysis of the Carter Administration's crisis management during the Iran Hostage Crisis (1979-1981). However, during my research, I discovered quite a bit of background info concerning believers in Iran. It is disheartening to see how believers have been treated -- but encouraging to see how the true Church has remained steadfast under such difficult circumstances.

May the Lord move mightily within the Church in Iran -- and bring an increase of the true knowledge of God within the walls of that nation, as well as Iraq! May the believers there realize that they are not alone.



 2005/12/1 10:01Profile

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 Re: Iran & Iraq

praying, I believe those christians are also persecuted, especially those converting from other religions


 2005/12/9 0:16Profile

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